Thales GLOW (Green Light Optical Warner)

The bulky device mounted underneath a shotgun in a photo I posted earlier this week was correctly identified by swilliams and Lionel as the Thales GLOW (Green Light Optical Warner), a picatinny mounted laser dazzler.

Thales says

GLOW is a gun-mounted laser warner which uses an intense green light to warn personnel approaching peacekeeping forces that they are under suspicion and should not approach further. GLOW can be gun mounted using a Picatinney Rail, operated remotely or used hand-held with a pistol grip or stock.

GLOW is an additional step in Force Escalation, aiding the determination of intent and it can be further used to degrade the ability of the aggressor to take offensive action.

GLOW features a choice of narrow or wide beams: Wide for use at close quarters in the urban scenario, or a Narrow beam for longer range. In both modes the beam can be pulsed to give a higher level of warning.

Steve Johnson

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  • AK™

    Green light=GO!

    Plaid light? We’ve gone to ludicrous speed!!!

  • Samopal

    It’s probably a more effective weapon than the L85 it’s attached to.

    • JonMac

      You obviously haven’t fired one in a decade or so. If you’d said ‘better designed’, then fair enough, but the A2 is a perfectly adequate (if relatively weighty) weapon.

  • Lance

    Forget the laser I like the L-85 in the pic LOL.

  • Reverend Clint

    you would think they could maybe make it a little bit smaller… maybe lighting matches at 200 yds isnt a necessary feature.

  • Mike Knox

    More british eccentricity. Dazzlers aren’t meant to be underbarrel. Just ask the Secret Service..

  • mechamaster

    I think it’s a ‘mini-blaster’ attachment. Lol.

    • Leonard

      Hehe, can’t wait till they issue BlasTech DL-44s. Set to stun, of course 🙂

  • Leonard

    Being a med student, I would like to know if these devices can cause any permanent damage to the eyes?

    • Beefalo

      Probably less damage than a 308 round at similar distances, I’m guessing.

    • noob

      minimum safe distance is said to be 10m

    • Nohi

      Yes it can be damaging to the eyes at close range or if not used properly. The idea is that it is a less than lethal device for warning people. They doesn’t mean it won’t do damage, just that it will do less damage than many other common methods like a warning shot. But it is a good way to get somebody’s attention at distance.

      BE Meyers just came out with a version of the green laser dazzler that has a range finder on it that sets the laser output level. That way they can run higher output at longer distance or lower output up close.

    • Mike Knox

      Prolonged use can cause nausea, dizziness and temporary blindness. Certain cases caused mild astimatism, but I can’t find solid proof on that. A focused beam can affect a target up to 90 metres at a certain frequency. One test proved effectiive against dogs..

  • gunslinger

    is that operated with the left hand thumb? i was confused by the remotely operated or with a stock and pistol grip?

    i guess it is thumb operated, judging by the “stand alone rifle config” . and that reminds me of the pic of a “tact-cool” derringer that had a stock, bayonet, foregrip, scope, dot sight, laser, and a light attachment. or something like that.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    “mounted underneath a shotgun in the photo” ????

    Must be misspelled … L85 is not a shotgun !

    • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

      Sorry, I that’s my mistake…you were talking about an earlier post.

  • alex

    must be great – to balance out the rifle

  • Sea

    Quite like a Mil Spec version of a Laser Genetics Laser Designator.

  • Netforce

    Wow, it’s a dazzler, alright. It looks so bright that it could blind someone. And shouldn’t this device add more weight to the firearm?

    • 6677

      The L85 is already heavy enough, on the other hand this wouldn’t be a normal patrol weapon, the roles it would normally be used in you likely aren’t going to be carry full kit (camping equipment etc) anyway so the weight issue might be offset. And as has been mentioned already, the L85 is rear heavy like most bullpups, this should shift the weight forwards a fair bit

  • Netforce

    It’s a dazzler alright. Looks bright enough to blind someone too. Shouldn’t this device add more weight to the firearm itself?

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I think the best dazzlers on the market are made by Lazer Energetics.

    Here is their website address: