Fiocchi Canned Heat: Long Term Ammunition Storage For the Survivalist

Fiocchi’s new line of Canned Heat ammunition has been designed for long term storage. The ammunition is sealed in metal cans that are nitrogen gas hermetically sealed and are packed with desiccants to prevent rust, deterioration, and moisture.

The Canned Heat line will include rimfire, rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition.

.22 LR (100 or 300 round can in 40 gr. Copper Plated Solid Point) is the only rimfire cartridge offered in a can.

The rifle ammunition line currently consists of .223 Remington (30 round can in both the 55 gr FMJBT and 62 gr FMJBT) and .308 Win (20 round can in 150 gr FMJBT).

The pistol line includes 9mm (100 round can in 115 gr FMJ, 124 gr FMJBT, and 147 gr FMJ), .40 S&W (100 round can in 170 gr FMJTC and 180 gr FMJFN) and .45 ACP (50 round can in 230 gr FMJ).

The Canned Heat Cyalume shotgun ammunition is something special. These 12 Gauge 3/4 oz #8 shot loads include a chemical tracer made by Cyalume. Cyalume manufactures chemical light sticks. The tracer is simply a short light stick that is activated when the round is fired. Unlike conventional tracers it poses no fire hazard. The technology was jointly developed by Cyalume, Fiocchi, General Dynamics and Rheinmetall Defence.

Chemical Tracers in action

Unlike the rifle, pistol and rimfire Canned Heat ammunition, the Cyalume shotgun tracers are not in a can for long term storage, but because the glow stick tracers are light sensitive.

Each can contains 10 rounds of tracers.

Steve Johnson

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  • Peter

    When they hit a clay pigon it looks like fire works

  • SpudGun

    Those chemical tracer shells are beyond groovy. I can’t think of a single reason why I need to get some, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

  • Mechman

    So, their long term storage “survivalist” ammo packs only come in FMJ?
    That silliness aside, the shotgun ammo looks awesome.

  • Some Guy

    Legal tracer rounds. Sounds awesome, it’s about time.

    That aren’t, you know, extremely dangerous as well. That’s always a plus.

    What’s the rest of the other stuff though; and why is it so amazing that it’s in a can?

    Also, what is canned heat; sort of reminds me of my cat. O_o

  • DJ

    glow in the dark ammo for glow in the dark zombies

  • I’ll be all over that Cyalume ammunition as soon as I can find it. That’d be a hoot.

  • Mount

    It’s like MRE’s for your gun!

  • greasyjohn

    Fiocchi Canned Heat: For when you’re goin’ up the country or just on the road again.

    I’m copyrighting that.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Are they just launchable light sticks or do they have a slug or something attached to them?

  • steve

    Can anyone explain to me why this ammo would last any longer than normal?? seems a cod to me..

  • Jim

    Sounds like a great little investment! Love the video!

  • Matt Groom

    I was under the impression that the canned heat line all had some kind of tracer or something. Like those glow in the dark stickies you glue on the back of pistol bullets that are lit up by the powder flash? I’m glad that you cleared that up, Steve. I like the idea of cans for long term storage, but shouldn’t they be square instead of round?

    I really like Fiocchi’s stuff. I ran a bunch of different brands over a chrono and Fiocchi was very hot (CIP specs, everything is +p) and very consistent. It’s not euro-trash like some other brands.

  • CuriousMan

    What is the shelf life on the 12 gauge rounds?

    When will they (all calibers) be available?

    I’ve been intrigued about them but at the price I am sure they will command it would be nice if I could put a can or two aside and have them work in a few years.

  • Lance

    Glow in the dark ammo YES now every one can have a funky night shoot dont forget the glow sticks and necklace.

  • aeronathan

    Need has nothing to do with getting them. Want is all that’s necessary 😀

  • Komrad

    but how much does it cost?

  • Calimero


    I have some cyalume sticks (not as 12ga rounds though !) and shelf life printed on the packaging is ~2 years. Maybe that’s the shelf life to meet minimum NATO specs (my cyalume sticks have NATO stock numbers) and they may glow for a few more years ?

  • jdun1911

    Tracer are legal under Federal laws. State laws are another matter. Some states like NY will not allow tracer round probably for stupid liberal reasons.

    Most states prevent tracers round for use in hunting.

  • michael

    For the best and brightest here–what is the shelf life for off the shelf rounds stored in a standard mil-spec ammo can with some desiccant inside, and in a general home environment?

  • Cymond

    “Can anyone explain to me why this ammo would last any longer than normal?? seems a cod to me..”

    They’re in a water-tight and air-tight canister with nitrogen. Notrogen is mostly stable and inert. The rounds should last longer without moisture or oxygen. People are still shooting 30+ year old surplus combloc stuff, and it mostly works fine except those old primers are corrosive.

  • Big Joe Hoss

    You can do this with standard 5″ glow sticks, minus any shot payload of course. Funny what you will concoct whilst bored & camping. They tumble a few times right out of the barrel, stabilizing around 50 yards if u coil the little attached string around the stick. Used reduced charge of FAST powder. Trap wad & hot primer. No crimp obviously. Up-size stick with tape on wad end & forward tip so it rides the barrel better. Fire straight up & u can get around 700′ out of them. Cheap & reusable. Just go find them again. Good times

    Anyways, I would think the much shorter glow sections in the Fiocchis, are integrated with the wad itself greatly assisting stabilization. It appears they keep up with the shot pattern to within practical shotgun ranges. What a cool way to the visualize initial MV

  • SKSlover

    is there shot or anything lethal in the shells? getting hit with a shotgun-propelled glowstick would hurt like a b*tch, but thats about it…

  • WoodenPlank

    Yes, the article states that the chemlight is over a 3/4OZ load of #8 shot. It is designed as a training aid for skeet and trap shooting, but it looks like it would be VERY fun at a night shoot.

  • FW226

    Well, the can says 3/4 oz of #8 shot. Stays with the shot pattern up to 75 yards? That’s cool, and I imagine great for training. Still, it’s $2 bucks a shot.

  • Avery

    Are those Cyalume tracers only available for shotguns?

    I wonder what the smallest caliber they could make those chemical tracers for.

  • SKSlover

    i guess i should have read more, lol. thanks for the info.

  • CroMagnum

    Some friends and I shot about 30 of these 12ga Cyalume tracers last weekend. Talk about cool. We shot trap right after sunset and it was so cool to watch it. The hits on the clays were splashing light around the sky. Then we shot some railroad ties and they would glow for awhile too.. cant adequately explain how much fun they were to shoot.

  • RattlerBob57

    I like the idea of pre-preserved ammo, providing it doesn’t breakt my bank account. The glow in the dark could be useful in many situations, such as training purposes such as learning to lead a moving target, and marking an enemy positiion. If the preserved ammo holds up to years of storage it would be a very nice thing to have.

  • Jim Johnson

    What is the story on the Fiocchi Canned Heat Cyalume in 12 ga # 8? I canoot find it anywhere. Do you know where I might get some?

    Charlotte, NC
    704 641 9098