Benelli Vinci Shotgun

The much hyped Benelli Vinci shotgun has finally been unveiled. Benelli have proclaimed the shotgun to be a revolution. I will go through the features and let you decide if it is truly a revolution or an evolution of Benelli’s existing high-tech shotgun designs.

Vinci All
Benelli Vinci: In Advantage, RealTree and Black Synthetic finishes.

 Innovations Images Quadrafit Detail
2009 Benelli Vinci

The modular design features is made up of three main parts: a removable stock, an upper receiver (barrel and operating mechanism) and lower receiver (trigger group, magazine and forearm). This configuration is not unlike many autoloader rifles. The three main modules can be broken down and reassembled quickly for easy transport and storage. The only extra module promised so far by Benelli is a tactical pistol gripped stock. Over time I hope we shall see a variety of lowers, stocks, handguard and uppers with different barrel configurations.

The removable stock has been made possible by a significant change to the famous Benelli Inertia recoil system. The old system requires a recoil spring in the stock. The new In-Line system has a recoil spring adjacent to the bolt.

Benelli Innovations | The Inertia Driven® System
Old Inertia recoil system. Note the recoil spring in the stock.

Inline Inertia Detail
New Vinci In-Line recoil system.

It is outside the scope of this blog post to explain how this recoil system work. In short the whole shotgun recoils but the bolt (a separate component to the rotating bolt head) does not move because of inertia. The bolt stays still, the Inertia springs compresses, the bolt head is unlocked and the Inertia spring then forces the bolt and bolt head backwards cycling the action. If this does not make sense, read Wikipedia which has a section explaining the Inertia recoil system.

I personally cannot see how the newer in-line bolt will reduce recoil anymore than the older Inertia recoil system already does. But it does makes sense in that it allows for a modular stock.

Picture 11-24
A gun writer at the Argentina Torture Test firing a Vinci.

*Silo 4000 M2 12 Apg Ct Field.Jpg-1.0 (Rgb, 3 Layers) 4000X674-1
Trigger/grip on Benelli M2 (background, camo) and Vinci (Black, foreground).

One of the touted features is a straighter trigger pull that is more like a rifle than a traditional shotgun. I overlayed the Vinci with a Benelli M2 and you can see the stock has a more pronounced pistol grip.

Picture 5-21

The Comfort Tech system used on older models have been upgraded:

The ComforTech™ Plus Stock is divided into 12 synthetic, recoil-absorbing chevrons, arranged diagonally from the heel of the buttstock to a point just behind the pistol-grip. The stock is designed so that the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil. In combination with the ComforTech™ Plus recoil pad, this design spreads the peak force of recoil over a longer period of time than any competitor’s claim.

 Innovations Images Vinci Buttstock Module
Comfort Tech Plus


Cartridge: 2.75″ or 3″ 12 gauge.
Magazine capacity: 3+1
Chokes: Crio C,IC,M,IM,F
Barrel Lengths: 28″ or 26″
Sights: Red front fiber optic bead (receiver tapped and drilled for mounting)
Overall length: 45.75″ / 47.75″
Weight: 6.8 or 6.9 lbs depending on model.
Finishes: RealTree APG, Advantage Max-4 HD or black synthetic.
Also included: Fitted gun case.

The MSRP is $1379 for the black models or $1470 for the camo models.

Picture 6-24

At the Argentina Torture Test.

So is it a revolution? I don’t think so, but I do think it is a solid evolution of Benelli’s technology.

Twelve gun writers were invited by Benelli to a game lodge in Argentina to test fire the shotgun (I am very bitter about not being invited 😉 ). They shot a total of 88,000 rounds and apparently it functioned really well. I am looking forward to a comparison with the new Browning Maxus shotgun once both are on sale to the public. The Maxus and Benelli both claim to be significant improvements over the previous generation of the fowling piece.

A promotional video about the shotgun:

Some photos from Nodak Outdoor Forum:

11437 Vinci 1

11437 Vinci1 1

11437 Vinci2 1

UPDATE: Mark Keefe, Editor In Chief of American Rifleman has a write up and video of the Vinci

And now we know what the hype was all about. Benelli officially unveiled the gun yesterday at noon, but before that NRA Publications was granted an extensive preview. Not unexpectedly the Vinci is a semi-auto 12-gauge that relies heavily on polymer for its manufacture. It sports a 3-inch chamber with a new In–Line Inertia Driven bolt system and excellent, radically styled ergonomics. All that might have been predicted. What makes it so different—and worth the wait—is a revolutionary modular design that may change how future shotguns are built.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Jesse

    The only real advantage that I can see is the ability to replace the stock. And realistically most hunters would leave it in the standard configuration anyway. It’s really only the tactical guys that will want to put a pistol grip on it.

  • The modularity invites smaller companies to offer alternative parts.

    The lower receiver might be replaced by a box magazine, for example.
    Alternative barrels (length!) are possible as well.
    Rail-equipped lower receivers or lower receivers with integrated extras may become available as well.

    By the way; does the upper receiver accept real sights?

    The company can focus on one system and thus boost its popularity (as happened with the AR-15 system) in comparison to offering “new” shotguns almost every year.

    Overall, it’s probably more of a product strategy revolution for the company than a shotgun revolution.

  • I work at a gun store in Ohio and the Rep. brought one in yesterday. It’s not pretty lookin’, kind of a mix between a Super Nova and a SBE, not as sleek as an SBE but better looking than a Nova. Like you said it’s not a revolution but I think it’s a great evolution, it really does come apart easily and it looks to be easier to clean than anything else out there. I like that the magazine itself just pops right out as a separate piece.

  • Vitor

    7500 shots with 0 failure, is that really good or normal for a shotgun?

  • 22lr

    Evolution, ya but revolution is a little to optimistic. I do like the AR idea of a modular platform, but a 18 inch barrel will have to be a must before the tactical guys start buying it (at least id think so). Good idea, still to expensive for me.

  • Brandon

    i’m disappointed, i’ll keep my supernova pump for now. more versatile, less expensive, and fires a wider variety of ammunition. i’d love the recoil reduction (slug rounds knock you arround, i don’t care who you are) but i want to be able to fire anything through it and 3+1 is annoying, 4+1 is better but i’d like to see if i can’t get an extension for mine so it can be 8+1

  • Cabot

    Too much hype.

  • W. Smith

    Tremendous disappointment to me. Ugly is another word that fits it. I have had two friends say to me at different times that it looked like a club. Really overhyped for what they produced IMO.

    I can’t see it being a big seller. Unless they have the plan of using it as a design to build everything else off of as stated above I see it being such a dud that they discontinue it withiin two years.

    I have 5 Benelli’s and I was certainly expecting way more. I will not be buyng one.

  • Dom

    I wonder if they considered and rejected the idea of modularizing the barrel as well as the upper rec. This is a shotgun, after all; I think the chamber pressures are low enough that it would allow for some mating mechanism in there. That’s what sucks about this gun; they took away interchangeable barrels and replaced it with interchangeable receivers. If you’re looking for a gun for all seasons, changing gauge is not as important as barrel length/rifling. Having to buy a receiver for those changes just drives the cost up significantly. I expect this to be a fat cat’s gun.

  • Matt B.

    Redesign the butt ugly trigger group/forend assembly and we’ll talk. I guess you have to shoot it to appreciate the new technology. I like that they emphasize the fact that it cycles much faster and has a crisp trigger; much needed for sporting clays and the tactical guys will love it once they get they’re lasers, flashlights and doo-hickies hung on it. For now I’ll stick with my Stoeger m2000, it kicks like a mule on PCP but it was cheap a works fine for me.

  • War Wolf

    Too pricey. Now if they could design a model that could be sold at a Dicks, Gander or Walmart price point I think this idea might grow some legs. The shotgun “kick” is a right of passage for many young shooters and unless Benelli gives us a reason to change (vis a vi a very attractive price point of entry)I don’t think people will be lining up to pony up.

  • Wenis

    I agree with too pricey. I’m looking for a nice autoloader, but at that price, the Colt AR is more likely to make it home first.

  • Carl Boman

    I am having trouble getting my head around any real measurable differences that the V offers. Sure there are a few soft plays on the what the SBE II a great gun; but I am not sold. I will plan on buying the M2 twenty guage and not the new V.

    Kansas Hunter

  • Serpent Driver

    Sven makes some interesting comments. Though likely accurate, I have never known Benelli, a Beretta owned corporation, to allow much in the way of after-market foraging. The Vinci represents a signififcant investment in their engineering efforts and pre-launch marketing. Though the current versions may not be too eye catching, Benelli is very good at taking the input from their Accokeek, MD office and making things better. I have been shooting Benellis for many years and though they are considerably more comfortable than a fixed breech gun, they do recoil more than most gas guns, in my opinion. I have to correct myself a bit on that comment…they recoil differently than gas guns. More of a slap than a push. As far as price point goes, don’t hold your breath for Benelli to bring it down. They use very high dollar equipment in all phases of their gun making process and the people they use aint cheap either. These are very good guns for very good reasons. Still… I’m gonna wait and see on this one before I commit.

  • Ed Cook


    I haven’t either held or fired the new Benelli offering but it will have to offer significant improvements for me to abandon my M2.
    Visually, the weapon doesn’t reach out and captivate you but I’m a believer in the old adage, “pretty is as pretty does.”
    If it delivers on Benelli’s assertions as to ease of maintenance and “shootability” I’m certainly going to give it a try.


  • ak

    what is the cost of the Vinici shotgun in MA

  • Just bought the Benelli Vinici today, May 18th,2009. Not the pretiest shotgun but if I wanted pretty I would get a Browning. This thing is a work horse, simplicity,a did I say, a work horse? I can’t load the thing fast enough. Problem with it? Yea, I can’t load the thing as fast as I can shoot it. It may be ugly, but it’s a worker. It’s like my aunt, she wasn’t a pretty woman to look at but she knew how to fry chicken, cook pinto beans and corn bread, and many other great foods that would make a bull dog break his chain. All I’m saying is, “dont judge a book by its cover”. Try it, it seems as if its going to be a great gun and well worth the investment.

    • Ron, do you think the recoil reduction claims are accurate?

  • Steve, yea the claims are pretty accurate. Put about 6 boxes of shells through it and didn’t leave a bruise at all on my shoulder. Pretty soft recoil, the gun is so lightweight for a 12 gauge, its like carrying a .410.

    • Ron, great to hear.

  • Roger M.

    Strange, even bizzare. Ugly. Plastic. Coarse. But it might be exactly what I want. Lighter and more reliable. Easier to maintain. Lower recoil. Better fit. Potential bottom line: Significantly better shooting results, achieved not an evolutionary outgrowth of centuries of unrelated piecemeal improvements, but a holistic approach involving integrated design of action, barrel, forearm, magazine, and buttstock. No useless vestigial features of ancient cherished gunmaking tradition. This kind of innovative and forward-looking thinking could turn our beautiful classic guns into gunsafe queens. I think it might accomplish exactly that.

    I might need to swallow my pride when I shoot it. But my 14-year old would snatch it up in a heartbeat if that’s what it takes to slamdunk me on the range and the field. And so would his pals. They won’t give a rip about beautiful wood, sleek lines, and artful metal if it costs them birds. Especially if it will let them blow by ol’ Dad and his cronies.

    I take my hat off to the Benelli team.

  • Clayman

    I love this shotgun and agree with Ron’s posts. Recoil reminds me of the 20 gauge I had as a kid but that’s where the similarities end. Recoil and subsequent target acquisition is well mannered and controlled. I’m also a huge fan of the trigger group ergonomics on this shotgun. The trigger pull is uniform, clean and consistent in a manner usually reserved for shotguns reworked at the gunsmith. Bringing this level of sophistication to a 6 pound 12 gauge shotgun is quite an accomplishment. This enables the Vinci to move from the field to the skeet range with a consistent character that will bring a smile to your face. The fit and finish on the gun is superb and it cycles everything I’ve thrown at it without a jam or complaint. Clean-up is a breeze. I can take down this gun in 10 seconds and it is the easiest gun to clean that I have ever owned. This shotgun is the end-product of innovative engineering and quality manufacturing and while some moan loudly about the price tag, you get what you pay for.

    Simplicity in design yet elegant between the hands, this shotgun snaps to the shoulder like a lifelong companion. Interestingly, all the negative comments I’ve read about the gun on the internet come from people who have never actually seen one, held one or fired it – That’s telling!

    Beyond all this, I love the Vinci because it’s a joy to shoot – And isn’t that what it’s all about?

  • Don Lechel

    I shot the Vinci this past Saturday and loved it. For all you Nay Sayers out there, read through this blog again. As stated already you are the ones who haven’t fired it. I’m just saying, it’s not fair to you or Benelli. I currently own a SBE II (love it) but will be selling it to obtain the Vinci. I am not a big money guy and work hard for what I have. But again as stated, you get what you pay for. What impressed me most about this gun was the recovery time after the shot. The new in line system kicks straight back and thus has less barrel jump. This will allow me to get on the second and third bird quicker. You may not notice this if you shoot this gun with nothing to compare it too. But you will definately notice it when your knocking down doubles in the duck blind. I would definately recomend this gun to any one that can afford it. As far as the looks, I like them, but don’t really don’t care what others think. I am all about getting the job done. One last note: For you younger guys that might not be able to afford it, I killed just as many ducks with my remington 1100 in my 20’s as I do now with my SBE II.

  • Jeff H

    I like the Vinci and will buy one. Found a website that quoted me $1239 for black synthetic. I own two SBE’s, 1 original HK import from 1992($685) and a synthetic from 1996($950). These SBE’s changed my life at the range and in the field. No more malfunctioning gas auto-loaders and no more long treks back to the truck for a reliable SxS. I am a firm believer in the Benelli shotgun’s inertia recoil system. My SBE’s do pack a kick. I have shot an M-2 with the Comfortech system which I feel reduced the felt recoil at least 30% over my SBE’s. I will p/u the new Vinci as soon as I sell my 12ga. Franchi Renaissance Classic DU shotgun. You get what you pay for and so far my Benellis have far outlasted my past auto-loading shotguns,a Browning, S&W and Remington. The Benellis have been used in snow, ice, storms, and volcanic sand conditions without a single failure. I clean them regularly and completely because they are so simple to break down and put back together. There are those that bad mouth the Benelli, but I think that is stubborness more than experience making those statements.

  • Paul V

    I wonder if they are considering a 3 1/2″ version? I would sure be more interested if they would. What I would REALLY like to see is a 10 ga. verson…..crio treated (read weight reduction) with all the recoil reduction technology. It would be unbeatable in the duck/goose blind. I would not mind trading in my SP-10 for that!

  • Lois

    Decided you needed a woman’s point of view. I just started shooting trap this year, love it, but my Mossberg 500 12 guage was kicking my butt! I had a bruise on my chin every week. Just bought the Vinci and loved it! It’s lightweight, easy to take apart and put together (although a bit stiff at first), and fires great. I wish they made a shell catcher for it, but apparently it’s so new there are no accessories for it yet. So until you fire it, don’t put this gun down!

  • Bill E

    I bought a Vinci last week. Shot two rounds of skeet and one round of five stand. Functioned flawlessly and shot where pointed. Very light gun to carry.

    Recoil not bad for as light as the gun is, but its a light gun and there is certainly more recoil than with a heavier gun, say a Browning Gold. But I got it for the duck blind, not the range.

  • Chris S

    I have an older SBE that jams in cold, wet weather, with 3 1/2 inch steel. I keep the gun clean, including the spring in the butt, however the jaming is more reliable than the shooting. I have even replaced the bolt. I understand that this is a common complaint about the early SBE model, and the SBE II corrected this.

    So, I will wait to see the Vinci II. In the meantime, I hunt with a Nova with a supplemental recoil reduction device (an extra weight) that installs into the butt. It is a heavy gun that slows the swing, good for diver duck hunting, bad for clay. The Nova points well, and doubles as a paddle. It is simple to clean, utterly reliable, and will shoot any flavor .12 gauge shell on the market. That and a Beretta Onyx 626 are the only two guns I take to Canada and North Dakota. If the weather is good, and I need both chokes (IC and Modified) I use the Beretta.

  • Justin

    Gentlemen I’m surprised that some of you are even hunters. Pretty don’t kill ducks. I’m more interested in easy no hassle cleaning, and a gun that will shoot no matter how bad the weather is. I too am holding out to see how it PERFORMS, don’t put put too much stock in how it looks. Geez.

  • Scott

    I like my new Vinci after 150 rounds although I never thought you could not get parts for a new gun … M395 magazine extension and I still cant figure how to adjust the cast any ideas

  • Caveman

    I have several shotguns, my favorite being a Belgium made Browning “Light Twelve” (probably 45 years old). I checked out a Vinci and found it to be very light and comfortable… VERY comfortable… Comparing the Vinci to several other brands, this shotgun had an extremely agreeable fit. I’m looking to reduce the force of recoil due to blood thinner medication that causes significant shoulder bruising… for this purpose and from what I’ve read, the Vinci is a viable alternative.

  • Bill E

    I have shot my Vinci three times in July. No problems with over 200 rounds. It was stiff to take down at first, but better now. Be careful taking out the trigger mechanism. It can be a bear to install.

  • Sam

    The vinci is a superb shotgun, it cycles smoothly and shoots great. I think it looks great too “it looks better in person when your holding and using it” it hasent jammed on me once and no other gun compares to its assembly. The assembly also makes it easy to clean and store. I cant wait for dove season so i can really test its durability. Its a great gun and everyone who dosent think so is just jealous.

  • Nick

    I just bought a new vinci, Did anybody else have problems assembling or dissassembling the gun? They make it look easy. Does it get easier?

  • My first 3 rounds xpert 3 in steel to break my new vinci in drew blood ! Their is a edge where gel comb meets stock I shot 50 clays the next day and riped the scab open again . Went to the dealer the next day to show them my cheek .I requested to have a benelli rep contact me . FOUR days no calls . I recomend shooting your hunting loads before you head out of town or bring bandaids

  • Dean Bedenbaugh

    I have a brand new Vinci, haven’t even fired it yet. This is probably a stupid question, but how do you install a plug in the magazine to limit the number of shells? Thanks.

  • Bill E

    The Vinci only holds 3 shells. No plug needed.

  • Bill E

    It does get easier, but the first couple of times placing the forend on you may need a buddy. Inserting the trigger mechanism will also be tricky.

  • Bill E

    Did not notice an edge on mine. Have shot it three times (about 225 rounds) with no issues.

  • Sam

    To nick, the first couple of times it is kinda hard to assemble but it gets really easy after a few times assembled and dissambled

  • Mrj

    no offense to any vinci owner but this piece of equipment should assemble with ease right out of the box just like the advertisement suggests/depicts (anything over 1K should be like butter). the modular design is ok once you’ve broken it in and swept some of the max 4 finish and swear words into the corner. the trigger guard will accommodate gloved fingers but also makes for trouble with conventional trigger guard locks. go ahead … load up one round and dare me to fire that gun with a conventional trigger lock. lastly, the gun case..benelli…ahem…beretta holding company…are you people serious?

  • Kyle

    Hey Guys, Got my Vinci a week ago. Have had two outings with it and has jammed several times each time. Did a pretty good clean on it before the first time. I’m shooting 2 3/4″, 1 1/8oz, 3 dram Federal target loads (shooting same load through my M2 for years with 0 malfunction). My problem is the bolt wants to come forward before the shell has cleared the mag tube and locks the action up. Still a new gun and figured just needs a heavier load to break in. Do you think that will help? Has anybody else had this problem?

  • Gregg

    I shot my Vinci for the first time today. Shot 50 rounds and about half of that amount in misfeeds. I was so frustrated because I read all about this gun being a work horse and all this hype about zero failure. If it happened once I probably would have shrugged it off as user error. Half the time my second round never cycled into the barrel and jammed in the loading port.
    I was shooting Remington Gun Club Target Loads.
    Any Help?? Suggestions??

  • Kyle

    Gregg, I know the frustration (as you can tell in my above post)! Shot mine this weekend using Estate High Velocity 2 3/4″, 1 1/4 oz shot, 3 3/4 Dram high brass. 100 rounds with 0 failure! I couldn’t make it jam even just holding it to the side and pullin the trigger, it just worked! Switched back to my Federal loads and right off the bat it stopped on the second round, same problem, shell didn’t fully clear the mag tube. Fixed it and it pushed on with only 1 more stop in 25 shells. Maybe once you get a good case of heavy stuff through it, it’ll be a shooter….not sure what else to do. Unless i invest in more shells like that, looks like the M2 will still be hot come dove season!

  • Gregg

    I feel like I got a lemon or something. If you read through the Argentina torture test these guns where apparently put through “no matter what load or make it was, shell after shell cycled through the action without malfunction or failure to feed or eject. The ammo type varied from the dirty shooting, locally made shells, to imported federal, estate and fiocchi loads. No matter whether it was low-brass one-ounce loads or high-brass 1-1/8-oz. target loads the Vinchis banged away relentlessly.”

    After reading something like that and experienced what i did…I have to think something is wrong.


  • Kyle

    Maybe they didn’t tell us the break in they did on those guns before that torture test haha. Just talked to a Customer Service rep at Benelli and she said I was on the right track with shooting the heavier stuff. She said may need to do a few more boxes before that spring gets fully broke in so that lighter loads will function properly.

  • Bill E

    I got my Vinci on July 3 and have put about 500 rounds through it, all Gun Club, and have had no problems. Seems to recycle crisper now then when it was first new.

  • Cliff

    After a little over a case of shells, field loads & target, my Vinci has yet to malfunction in any way. My research indicates that the Vinci frame is going to be the flagship for Benelli’s field weapons. Looks like when your great great grandchildren wear out today’s SBEs & M2s, a Vinci derivative may be their only option.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, the Vinci case STINKS OUT LOUD. My neighborhood is 0 for 2 in getting an unbroken case on delivery. I guess the marketing morons felt Benelli needed something different for the modular rollout. Any Vinci owners out there interested in starting a recall effort with a factory exchange for a modified M2 style case?

  • Gregg

    Shot another 50 rounds of Gun Club this morning. Only 3 mis feeds. I guess it is getting better…Still pissed I even have to “break in” a $1300 Benelli I am going to the store to pick up a few boxes of heavier loads and see.

    If I didn’t love how smooth the action is on this gun…the comfort and feel. I wouldn’t continue to torture myself. Plus it was my 30th birthday present from my fiance so I am also sentimental about it. Going to make this POS work right if its the last thing I do. I believe in you Vinci!!!

    Regarding the case. The plastic prongs to hold the barrel are snapped….it came that way.


  • I returned my cheek peeler . Still waiting for my fifteen hundred. Their will be NO benelli’s in my kids hands let alone my great great grandchildren

  • Kyle

    I’m glad mine is getting better. Put another 75 rounds of High brass through it the other night and switched back to the walmart specials. Had two misfeeds out of about 3 boxes of shells. Its getting better with every outing. If the darn thing wasn’t so comfortable to shoot I would probably be a little more upset. Perceived recoil being a little less than the my M2 and throws a little better. Can definitely hit with it.

    As far as the case, I kinda like it haha! It all fits good in there.

  • Dean

    Gregg, I hate to hear of your bad experience with your Vinci, expecially since my son gave me one for father’s day. I haven’t even fired it once yet, but I confirmed with the dealer that I would have to run at least 50 or so rounds through it before it would function perfectly. I hate that and like you, I’ve never had a shotgun that needed to be “broken in” before. I will be in a dove field next Saturday and I’m praying that the only malfuntion will be human error on my part. Kindest regards and best wishes.

  • Glenn

    Took my new Vinci to the skeet range today and had a ball shooting 3 quick boxes of target loads with out any problems. I havn’t shot a shotgun in years but use to hunt dove with an auto 5 Browning. The Benelli is lighter and is so quick and easy to keep on target for a follow up shot. The recoil was not an issue, but I will step up to high brass the next time I shoot and see how it manages. It took me a while to get used to shooting again, but I was knocking down doubles at the end of my shoot. I love it and can’t wait to shoot it again.

  • Glenn

    Just another comment on the Vinci hard case. Th plastic cover inside was cracked when it came in to the dealer.

  • Martin in Lancashire

    Well you guys are the lucky ones! We will not be seeing the Vinci in the UK until early 2010. Question for Benelli “Why release it on us more than half way through a season? You’d think they’d know that if we aren’t out hunting we either in the gun shop getting ready for opening day or we’re talking about what we’ll be shooting at and what with. I’ve shot Benelli for many years and early this summer traded one in for a Beretta Exstrema. Kept hearing just how easy it was to shoot and that it would knock the socks of my Benelli. Well they were right if you! if you took a good told of the barrel and got a good swing you could club my hold Benelli in to the high skeet trap house. Beretta may have removed much of the kick with their gun but they all so removed all the fun from shooting when they did. I’ve never felt so removed from what I was shooting at in all my years of using a Benelli as the day I first used an Exstrema. So much so that every night the next week I was on thintnet looking for a dealer with a good range of Benelli in stock. I’d set my heart on a Benelli Super Black Eagle, But tried a M2 on my shoulder in the store with 26 inch barrels and my faith in guns was restored even before I’d pulled the trigger. The M2 is up to now the easiest mounting, fastest target acquiring, smoothest recoiling, Benelli I’ve yet fired.
    You may now be wondering why I’m going on about an M2 on a Vinci forum. Well here’s why. I was comparing the M2 to my old Nitro that I still wish I’d not swapped in for the Exstrema. Now if the Vinci as moved on as far from the M2 has the M2 has against the Nitro then the Vinci will be the next field gun I get, but I’ll not be swapping the M2 for a while yet. It’s the Midland Game Fair on the weekend of 19th of Sept so you never know Benelli may get their finger out and at least let some lucky souls have a feel of just what they have to look forward to next year.

  • I just got a vinci and shot mine with absolutely no problems what so ever! It sounds like the people that have had problems are the people who bought their gun from someone who didnt know what they were selling. My salesman specifically told me that I had to shoot 2 boxes of 3 inch heavy loads to break the gun in properly. After the break in the gun will definitely have no issues. I haven’t hunted in about 7 years and wanted to get back into the swing of things and decided to buy the best and I truly believe I made the right choice! I love my gun!!!!! and cant wait to shoot it again. Well worth the money and the wait.

  • Dean

    I finally got around to shooting my Vinci and shot 2 boxes of 2 3/4″ Winchester 3.5 dram eq. 1 1/8 oz shot shells without any issues at all. Just like my SBE, I love it!

  • tony petres

    Just an observation, directed at the folks who are so disappointed that the new guns are stiff and don’t function flawlessly. For gosh sakes, every thing (machine-wise, and that’s what we have here folks) I’ve ever seen or purchased, from cars to fishing reels to sewing machines require break-in. How could it be any different?

    Shoot the guns for a sustained period. If problems persist, perhaps you might have a real problem. Never believe the marketers. It’s their job to sell you the gun, not reality!


  • austin s

    im only 14 ive got a remington 870 youth 20gauge and im ready to move up to a 12gauge and im willing to pay a little over 1grand for a new gun but i need some sugestions on benellis that may be better for a young shooter

  • Gregg

    Hey Commenters, just wanted to give an update. (By the way there are two Gregg posters…myself having the cycling problem and another gregg who returned his “cheek peeler”) just so there is no confusion to anyone following the thread.

    My Vinci is on its way back to Benelli to be checked out. After about 200 rounds (mostly 1 1/8 oz.) still misfeeding. The gun shop told me they have sold a lot of Vinci’s and I was the first and only to come back with a problem so they are going to send the gun back. Unfortunatly bird season starts next weekend and they told me it could be several weeks before I get it back.

    Depending on the results I may give up the Vinci. Going to the shop later this week to check out the Browning Maxus.

  • Kyle

    Reckon I’ll throw an update in as well. I’ve put prob 800 rounds through my Vinci since my last post and with out a single stop in cycle. I love this thing and has become my go to shotty. Switching to a TruGlo bead made it all the better for me.
    Gregg I’d say stick it out because this will shoot. (but if you do turn it into a Maxus I wanna know how they shoot haha)

  • Gregg hunting season will be over . It took three months before my refund . Because I am the only one to be hurt from their new product their was no concern to investagate . Whats important . customer or profit . Hopefully your wife understands $1500.00 loss better than mine did . Good luck explaining .

  • Dale

    I bought a Vinci a couple of weeks ago and love it. I have shot 250 plus rounds of light loads at sporting clays range, so far no jams. Shoots better than my SBE II. Can’t wait until hunting season.

  • Anthony

    I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this gun and very few bad ones. I’m looking into and i think I might buy one. And just a little heads up to all of you that are saying its an ugly gun, my personal opinion is that it’s new to many people and it doesnt have the looks of what we’re used to. So maybe after we see it a couple more times, we’ll get used to it and eventually think its better looking than we thought.

  • Tom Davis

    Just a note about breakin. My Vinci came pretty much unlubricated. I soaked the bolt and reciever with Break Free and the gun worked pretty much flawlessly from the first shot.

    Only problem was with some low velocity reloads that would not cycle. I’m thinking that anything slower than about 1150 fps will probably not work too well. Makes sense because the action is recoil driven after all.

  • hey im 15 years old and currently shoot a browning 20 guage pump. i want to move up to a 12 gauge and am willing to pay $1000 or so. im looking to get a good gun for dove, skeet and maby turkey. is the Benelli Vinci a good pick or do yall have some better suggestions?

  • Adam

    I just got the gun and it if the best shotgun i have and it already killed birds and its cheap!!

  • bobby savoy

    Purchased new Vinci in Aug.,shot dove in sept., no problem.Shot duck,2 3/4 in.1/4 oz. in teal season.The trigger guard hits my middle finger with serious pain. I own several auto’s & pumps in 12 ga. & 10 ga. never had this problem.Any suggestions???

  • Tom Davis

    I had a similar problem. It is caused by the fact that the pistol grip is more vertical on the Vinci than other shotguns. Your middle finger ends up a lot closer to the guard. I stuck a piece of 1/4 foam cheekez on the backside of the trigger guard and the problem was solved.

  • bobby savoy

    Thanks Tom,please clarify,”cheekez”.Bobby.

  • dandh67

    I have the Vinci and it’s a dream for fowl and fun. I primarily use a Ruger Red Label Sporting Clays for my target shooting and I tried this for fun on one round and it’s hard for me not to keep going back to it instead of my O/U. First assembly after purchase was a bear, I tried everything and, hate to say this, after ensuring the weapon was not loaded I had to forcibly slam the gun to the floor (on carpet, barrel pointed up alarmingly to my chest…thus the ensuring unloaded part) while holding the receiver module close to the barrel and voila, it made that extra 1/8 – 1/4 inch and seated and locked in fine. I’ve never had that tough of a time since trying to slide back the handguard retaining ring on an M-16 with sweaty hands and a DS yelling at me….. Anyhow what they say is true, it’s all easier, a breeze actually after that. (one thing I did also was, while surfing the net for 45 minutes I continuously worked the forearm locking “knob” to intentionally wear on the locking lug)…..Good luck, It’s an awesome piece of shooting technology, great gun. I’d love to give to my grandkids.

  • Larry Olson

    I purchased a Vinci Camo in August. Shot it on doves and early pheasant and quail. Loved it, ugly but a natural pointer and I shoot it better than any of the other 20 some O/U’s and Auto’s that I have.
    My big complaint is the safety. In warm weather no problem. In cold with heavier gloves you can’t find the safety. I would like to see a retro fit or an after market. I also have my doubts about shooting 7000 rounds in three days. Granted it shoots softer but not that much unless the guys were shooting light trap loads. I’m 6’1″ and 220#, shot trap for years and can take the recoil of about anything but this gun still has a bite to it if you are just shooting at a pattern board, especially with handicap loads or field loads .

  • Eugene Wall

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I work at Dicks, I run the gun dept. and have shot the heck out of the Vinci since I bought it. I didn’t pay full retail, but that is a benefit for those of us who regularly sell guns we can’t afford, to people who won’t listen to our advice about break-in. I ALWAYS suggest a full case of heavy loads, after a complete break-down and cleaning of the gun. That cosmolene is a bear on internals just so you know. I wasn’t too sure about it, because I am an ardent wood lover, and this is the 1st gun without wood I’ve ever bought. It may not be pretty, and in my opinion, it isn’t, but the birds don’t notice, they are too busy trying to get out of range, and most don’t make it!! It kicks less than my Remington 11-48, 16 gauge that I’ve shot since I was 10 and that was 36 years ago. I might even consider giving it up for the Vinci on upland birds!

  • Tom Davis

    Cheekez is a stick on pad to raise the drop, reduce recoil, etc. Probably any dense foam will work fine.

    Good luck.

  • William

    I’ve had my Vinci since July. I’ve put plenty of target loads through it and so far have killed doves, teal, mallards and Canadas with it. Maybe three misfeeds the whole time.

    Its light, therefore it kicks, but it is certainly manageable. It points better than any other hunting gun I have ever used.

    It does need to be broken in, but any fine piece of machinery does.

  • Chris

    I’ve had my Vinci since July and I love it. The only problem im having is that it is rusting. I hunt ducks on Lake Erie and Ontario so it has never been in salty conditions. I would like know if anyone else is having this problem? p.s. and yes I wipe it down after every use and it is the black synthetic stock and black barrel.

  • Berzerk

    Hi guys, new to blog. I own a sbe1 and absolutly love the fact it will shoot every time even when i drop it in 3 foot of swamp water, however it has the problem that many sbe’s have of not shooting where it is held. I know that the bolt is changed somewhat on the vinci, but is it still basically the same as to the point that it will shoot dirty, and i mean DIRTY? I am not one of these people who thinks that every thing i own is the best, but frankly, i cant find any other brand that will fire everytime dirty or not, this is important to me, not looks, brand, wood or plastic, it just has to take the abuse of being thrown in the bottom of a boat, dropped in the water, freezing temps, etc. Do any of you guys abuse your vinci this way and can say yes it will shoot or am i the only one who abuses their equipment this way. Please be honest and accurate, i dont want to invest 1400 for something i dont need or cant use. Thank you for your comments and happy holidays.


  • JeffH

    UPDATE…I bought my 26″ Vinci through (very reliable site) for $1150. Everyone was bidding on the camo models and ignorig the black ones. That said, I like the looks, had to read the manual to put it together, but is pretty simple and easy to do. My first outing was for diver ducks in Grizzly Bay in the delta east of San Francisco Bay. Hadn’t even fired it until then and dropped thr first three birds, first two with single shots and the third took three shots and tracked smoothly. I normally shoot a 17yo SBE and I will say, the Vinci shoots much, much softer. I was also shooting Fiocci 3″ 1-1/4 oz. 2’s. Deadly without fail. It was damp and foggy, but no rust issues. The Vinci is comfortable, and I don’t think ovepriced if one has patience and shops a little. Certainly cheaper than a Maxus or the new Beretta A-400. I really don’t need 3-1/2″ anymore. I have also put 6 rds of skeet without failure. I love the fit and feel and I like the looks of it.

  • KyW

    i have put 2000rds through my Vinci since had it, and have only had a couple problems with misfeeds but over all got to say i love the vinci just wish it held more than 3+1 rds

  • Don

    Excuse my ignorance, but how did you get 3 + 1 in this gun.

  • KyW

    there is a plug in the mag tube. there is a small screw at the top of the mag plug and be carefull the cap will fly off do to the spring tension, and remove the plug and then put it all back together then u have 3+1 or look at page 10 on your spare parts list book

  • Gregg

    Hey all I am back with an update. Still not 100% satisfied with the Vinci. I sent it back to Benelli to be looked at and I guess they did. I got the gun back but no report or no diagnosis just got it back and the guys at Bass Pro just said it should be good to go. I should mention that I got the gun back and the case was destroyed…three of the clips were broken off and the clear plastic that holds the barrel was cracked. I examined the gun and the front sight was broken off. Bass pro gave me a new front sight and a new aluminum case. They said there is no way to know who was at fault for all the damage (Bass Pro/Shipping/Benelli). I reluctantly took the gun after arguing with them for over an hour and half because I wanted a brand new gun. They basically made me whole by giving me a new front sight and a new case and there was nothing I could do. (Cabelas and local gun dealers get my business now.)

    Getting to the gun. It went from mis-feeding every other shot to mis-feeding every 10 or so shots, the shells still get jammed after they are cycled out of the tube and the carrier can’t lift them up). An improvement yes but a workhorse Vinci that they boast about….no. I don’t know what else to do. I have left several messages at Benelli (Bass Pro is no help) but no call backs yet. I’ll keep you posted. If anyone knows any execs or benelli reps please have them post their contact info because I would love to talk to them.

  • Gregg – I emailed a gun writer after much frustration with benelli ! customer service is bad . that is why I demanded refund instead of a repair . And I will not buy another benelli for this reason . I found 3 people that had the same problem as me. They traded theirs in and lost money on the deal .( Benelli said I was the only one) ? with this problem so it did not pay to investigate . And meeting with the area rep was a waste of my time and money . He pawned me off on a gun smith that told me it did not fit me.( 5ft 11in 180# average build ). I shoot 5000 rounds min a year NSCA . I broke 49 of 50 first time with vinci gun down all 8 stations in skeet . Two eyes open hit everything hard . Who knows mabe he was right and I blew this out of proportion. Contact a top gun writer as this worked for me . Hope this helps good luck gregg.

  • I got a SBEII just before duck season and have not been happy with it. I, unlike others, am having trouble with heavy 3.5″ loads. I am shooting Black Cloud 2s so I know it is not because of cheap shells. It has not fired twice and has either jammed, not thrown a spent shell, or not picked up the next shell 6 times. I have shot 50 of those shells.
    On the other hand I have shot 75 rounds of the cheapest 2 3/4″ shells you can buy and never had a problem. These are the only rounds that I have shot. Do I need to shoot more for a break in period or just give up and send it back? If you have any ideas to help me out please post them. I am in the same boat as many of you being that this gun in a gift from my wife and she is disappointed to hear that the gun is not preforming correctly.

  • If thay will give you a refund take it and run !!! Your wife is a angle . Do her justice and find a high quality gun with her . Thay sold her sales # s not the best shotgun .

  • duckwayne

    want to purchase a mag-extension for my vinci can anybody help

  • Don

    David-Is it possible that you are not shouldering the gun properly??? This gun is recoil operated and therefore you must have a good solid mount to cycle the next shell. I am not trying to insult you, I had this problem myself. I bought the gun and shot cheap 2 3/4″ shells at the range without issue. Then I went to the outer banks were I needed to dress in winter clothing. In the excitement and extra clothing I wasn’t mounting the gun properly and had several cycling failures. When I realized what was happening I made it a point to mount the gun properly, and never had another problem. The failure to fire is what “I” consider a design flaw. When the weapon is loaded, if there is a slight impact on the stock (setting it down with any force) the bolt carrier group will ride back, thus, pulling the bolt from the chamber. When it rides forward with such little force it does not fully re-seat the the bolt into the chamber. You can see this because the extractor pin will be sitting at a 90 degree angle or the 3 o’clock position. The bolt can be re-seated by either pushing up on the extractor pin or pulling the charging handle half way back and releasing. I hope this helps, I love my SBEII.

  • Bob

    I bought the Vinci last July and have had no problems with it till today, I got to the trap range and my rear bead was smashed down and barely half of it was viewable. I don’t know how it happened but i was shooting over the top of everything all day long. I have about 1200 shot cycled through it from pheasant loads to light target loads. I love the gun but this really aggravated me when i am going Pheasant hunting next weekend. Anyone have any thoughts on a quick fix because the gander mountain gun smith just happens to be on vacation this for the week.

  • joel

    great gun. i have had mine for about three weeks and have gone through close to 1000 rounds. not one problem. smooth swing, very comfortable, easy to clean, has cycled every round from heavy BB loads to light trap loads. i was deciding between this and the sx3 and i am very happy i went with the vinci. the only problem i have had with it was that it did not shoulder very well the first time i went out, i switched a plate in the front of the butt stock and it now fits like a dream. i went out with my cousin today and he put a few rounds through and already decided he was going to start saving. if you are thinking about getting this gun as i was i would recommend it to anyone. it is truly a beautiful gun and deserves all of the commotion that it was given by benelli. the design is truly revolutionary and is set up almost like a m4 with an upper and lower receiver. great gun, no problems, worth the money!

  • Jim

    I’ve fired around 350 rounds while dove hunting. New trigger guard design hurts my middle finger to the point that I’m ready to sell the Vinci. I flinch every time I pull the trigger. Guess I should have read a few more blogs before I purchased the Vinci. This was an expesive lesson.

  • Bill E


    I’ve never had that problem. What about it causes the problem.

  • David

    I have read most of these comments, and bought the Vinci anyway. I went for the black. Camo guns are ugly, just like camo cakes. But anyway, hunting seems to becaome a fashion statement it seems. This is a sleek, light shotgun, low matineince with the ease of taking it apart aand puttingit back togather.
    The gun shoots fast, not much kick, which was never a big deal with me anyway. Bruisers to the back of the line.
    This gun does what it is supposed to, hit the target.
    Price, I work hard for a living, and not afraid to buy something I want.
    Benelli makes good guns, I’ll buy my camo shirts at Walmart, my gun from a real store.

  • Glenn

    I hunted dove last year with my Vinci and it performed perfectly. No mis feeds hunting or at the range. I’m looking forward to hunting my dove field again this year with this easy to shoot shotgun. I also bought this shotgun with the ability to shoot 3″ mags for close range coyote, duck, or turkey hunting. I’m really satisfied with the Vinci and appreciate the versitility I have with this new inovative 12 ga. shotgun. Mine is the camo version as most of my other hunting guns are. The new camo coatings eliminate rust and scratch problems like you have with blued metal exposed barrels. Like everyting else, it’s a matter of preference and what you are going to be useing your gun for and what kind of environment you will encounter. For me, I made the right choice and look forward to many satisfying years with the Benelli Vinci!
    Lakeland, Fl
    Go Gators!

  • Doug

    I bought a new Vinci from my local dealer about 3 weeks ago. It’s the black model with 28 inch barrel. Cost was $1154 plus tax. So far I’m really happy with it. It fits me perfectly. The first thing I did after buying it was shoot 3 rounds of sporting, using the cheap Wally World Federals, and it cycled perfectly every time. The first few rounds seemed to slap me in the cheek (I don’t know why) but after that I didn’t notice any recoil at all. Go figure. Now for the last 1 1/2 weeks I’ve been goose hunting with it. Quite a few geese have met their maker, with a few doubles and one triple. The gun works like a dream. I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be a little happier if it wasn’t so butt-ugly. The only part of the gun that gets dirty is the barrel. There have been a few seeds in the receiver but no crud from shooting.

  • BobJaxBch

    I bought my 28 inch Vinci in 3″. Shot about 3 boxes of shell though it in a continental Phesant shoot. Federal Prairie Storm 2 3/4 ” #6 (1500 fps). Every shot crunched my middle finger with the trigger guard. I mean, it is the worst kicking shotgun that I have ever shot. My whole hand swelled up like a truck ran over it. I had 3 of my buddys shoot it with the same results. They all said they would sue Binelli for false advertising and pain and suffering. It is on the way back to Binelli for them to fix the problem hopefully. It also did a number on my cheek and shoulder. I have had some hard kicking guns, but this beats them all. I also had 3 jams. I’ll let you know the results when I get the gun back. It seemed to really hold a pattern and reach out for some far away birds. It’s just a shame that it hurts to shoot it.

  • i’ll take a holland & holland doublebarrel. anytime an ugly vinci ;).:

  • Trey

    Just recieved my V for Christmas, after many many months of drooling over this ugly plastic shooting piece. Went to Kansas for a pheasant hunt last weekend, never having a round pass through the weapon before this I laid some oil on the reciever and went for broke. The gun was flawless, natural fit, low recoil, and easy fast sight recovery. I have had many different makes of shot shooters over the last 33 years and this was worth the wait. Other than a O/U I believe this is the easiest stripping, and assembling weapon on the market, just my opinion.

  • BobJaxBch

    An update. I emailed Benelli pictures of my hand and told them that I had no intention of ever shooting the Vinci again. They offered me a SBE II for $210.00 difference. They also offered to pay for me to ship the Vinci back to them and they paid the freight on the SBE II. I guess I am happy. No comparison. The SBE II is a great gun.

  • Cheney

    I bought a Vinci this past year and shot it for the first time dove hunting and have taken it on a dozen Duck hunts. Biggest flaw in the Vinci is the trigger guard. It angles so far back that it hits your middle finger every time you shoot. It feels like someone popping your finger with a ruler every time you shoot. My middle finger has been sore for the past two months. Seem to me that at least a couple of the 12 guys in Argentina would have realized this flaw. I thought it just might have been me, however, I let my friend shoot it the last time I went duck hunting and he got popped too. Benelli must have realized the flaw because it looks like the new Super Vinci has a different trigger guard that does not extend so far back. I guess I will just be stuck with sore middle finger during hunting season. I pretty much like everything else about the gun. You do have to get it broken in good…big mistake taking it dove hunting before breaking it in.

  • Holzie

    I’m another Vinci owner that keeps getting bit by the trigger guard! I also let a buddy of mine shoot it last week and he got bit too. I called Benelli customer service yesterday to complain (I’ve emailed them a few times with NO response!) and explained the issue. She said that the new Super Vinci had a redesigned trigger guard that would prevent the middle finger thing but she also said that “most” people don’t have the issue I’m experiencing. She also said it “just” a fit thing! Well she did tell me that she’s heard if I put a small piece of door jam insulation on the back of the trigger guard, it should help…we’ll see on Saturday. She also said that there is no fix planned for the Vinci. If it continues to bite me I might have to threaten them with a call from my lawyer! Or, maybe a gunsmith could help in triming the guard?

    • Tom

      That’s all we need is to have your lawyer bloodsuck the very sport we’re fighting like hell to keep in this country. Who’s side are you on?

  • Kyle

    I’ve shot my Vinci for a year and a half now and i just love this gun. I have put a many rounds through it, dropped birds and busted plenty of clay and never had to complain about “finger bite” or “cheek peelin” but i assure you if I didn’t like the gun i’d quit shooting it plain and simple. Not gonna cry to Benelli because my finger hurts to get a new gun out of them. If there was enough people to make it a legitimate problem sure Benelli would do something about it but i doubt they will cater to just a few of ya. Just my .02


    It never ceases to amaze me how some folks have all these issues with the Vinci. I bought one of the 1st ones out and have hunted and busted clays for 2yrs. and have had ZERO problems with mine.
    I’ll bet you can get the same negative feedback comments for any of the other new shotgun makes out on the market since the Vinci came out.
    Makes one wonder if they are really legit.

    Joe Glenn

  • BobJaxBch

    To Kyle & Joe Glenn,
    I wonder why Benelli changed the trigger guard on the “New” Super Vinci? About the only noticable change. DUH?????????


    Maybe they should rename it the New Super Vinci w a Bobbed trigger guard!

  • Kyle

    Guess bumping the Super Vinci to a 3.5″ Chamber isn’t a noticeable change. Was enough for them to warrant a few changes to set it apart. The original was still good enough for them to offer it in 2 “NEW” variations! Seems like its doing pretty good.

  • Holzie

    Kyle and Joe…good for you! I’m glad you guys love your Vinci (as do I!) and don’t have a problem with the trigger guard and your middle finger. I wish I didn’t have the issue but I do. I don’t want Benelli to give me another gun, I would just like them to recommend a fix for me (and many others!). You see, if their idea about putting a small piece of door jam moulding on the trigger guard doesn’t work, then I’ll look into having a gunsmith take a look and see what can be done. Of course, if I do that it’ll void the warranty. So I’d like them (Benelli) to do the work. We’ll see…

  • BobJaxBch

    I challange any of you Vinci lovers to shoot a box of Federal Prarie Storm 2 & 3/4″ 5 or 6’s (1500 fps). You will consider a stop by the emergency room on the way home from the field. Been there and done that. I shot the SBE II today and it is such a better shooting gun. 18 phesant.

  • Holzie

    Well on the last day of goose here in SE/PA it got me again! Called Benelli back and spoke to a supervisor about next steps. They said there is nothing they can or will do. Guess that settles it…my Vinci is up for sale! Very disapointed in Benelli. I just might get an Extrema instead. We’ll see. If anyone’s interested in my Vinci, send me an email. Less than 5 boxes of shells put through it. I’m located in SE/PA.

  • Bill E

    Leave am email and I’ll talk to you about it.

  • Holzie
  • MI MN slayer

    are you kidding me just shot mine for the first time its ridicoulous, how smooth the loading system is, how comfortable it feels, and taking it apart and putting it together so fast is awesome any bad reviews on this gun and your crazy, i agree its not revolutionary but its a great gun, best 12 gauge I have ever shot and Ive grown up on top of the line guns.

  • Holzie

    Slayer – I agree with you about the Vinci. My only issue was the trigger guard would slam the base of my middle finger when I shot 3″ loads. So I sold it and picked up the Super Vinci! Benelli redesigned the trigger guard and after shooting it a couple times already I have no more finger issue! Love the SV!!

  • Steve Corkern

    Guys save you’re money the Benelli Vinci SUCKS!!!! Cycle problems every time I have shot this gun!! The gun kicks worse than any gun I have ever owned !! The worst feature is the trigger guard on my 3inch gun is to fat and when you fire the the gun it hits you’re finger.One box of shells and you might be short one finger.The sad thing is when you talk to Benelli they treat you like you stole something.The Super Vinci has a redesigned trigger guard which Benelli assures me had nothing to do with any problems on the original Vinci.Save you’re money on this one ,much better guns out there.

    • bryant

      the trigger guard is a real problem that benelli seems to ignore. incredible.

  • Scotty

    Does anyone know to contact Benelli regarding shotgun service? Their website is down and i can find no way to send a gun in for service. I have a SBE II that jammes like pile driver.

  • tornacı

    A few years ago, patent rights introducing “Benelli” to users, were near to
    last and the company had to figure something new, effective, and even
    cheaper to fight against with the rivals being eager to manufacture old
    style inertia operation version, since expired patent rights to grant them to able to do so…

    Vinci was the result of this effort…It was more practical, lighter and
    cheaper to build, by cause of polymer construction, and Benelli was ready
    to begin market fight with possible “Old Style” manufacturers…Especially
    built in recoil reducer or absorber, was a neat response for shooters
    hesitating about success for inertia operation in all possible conditions such as “Solid Rock Shouldering” which was a nearing exception for old
    style Benelli’s to create a malfunction.

    However, excepting a few Italian and Turkish manufacturers, no other
    company jumped over to build old style Benelli’s simply by cause of thinking patent rights being still going on… Therefore, Benelli’s effort
    seems rather over-foresighted for the time being…But manufacturers
    will increase by the time.

    Regarding Benelli’s “Inline” claim, it remains rather weak after Stoner’s
    AR10 Concept which was really a perfect example of symmetrical and
    balanced concept for this lay out from projectile in bore, to same size
    recoil spring with reciprocating bolt and carrier, and the other claim of
    “Modular” being either.

  • Jerry Glaser

    I am also having a problem with the gun scraping my cheek. When I hold my cheek down on the stock it scrapes the skin off where the front of the rubber comb meets the top of the stock. I think that if they make an extended recoil pad for the Vinci it would change the length of pull and that would solve the problem, but from what I can tell from their web site, they only make them for 4 different models and the Vinci is not one of them. Any suggestions?

    I am also a lefty and didnt get the but 3 shims with my gun and a left hand on was not in the box. Can additional shims be bought for the Vinci?

  • Jerry G.

    I have a Berretta 682 Gold E that I shoot for trap and I had the same problem with the trigger guard hitting my middle finger. I finally solved the problem by buying a Golf glove which gave me a tighter grip on the pistol grip and stopped the guard from recoiling back to my finger. If your a right handed shooter you need to buy a glove for the right hand. Not easy to find.

    • bryant

      just got back from a duck hunt in south dakota with my new vinci. after the first day my right hand was so swollen i could barely shoot the second day. thought i had gotten a bug bite. then i get back and read the comments on this forum and learn about the problems with the trigger guard. has anyone had success with benelli in addressing the issue? seems negligent on their part.

  • KyW

    Ya go to walmart and get a winchester limb saver butpad put it on over the stock one I had the same problem

  • jhav

    I just bought a super vinci, love the gun has a little more kick then i though it would but ive been shooting the black cloud 3 1/2 2 shot. I am a left handed shooter and also having the problem with the gun hitting my middle finger. What will stop this the best up for any options. Other then that cycles 3inch and 31/2 great.

    Any ideas will be great! thanks!

  • Bill E

    have had the Vinci since 2009. Never had the middle finger problem, although I have larger than average hands. The standard Vinci is for right handed shooters. I shoot left handed occassionally. Just happen to shoot trap with the Vinci today with my kid. Hits my cheek because if is designed for right handed unless you have a left handed version.

  • John

    Just bought my Vinci yesterday , today have shot about 100 rounds
    and am very happy with the gun being my first automatic after my double side barrel…
    Low recoil and fast loading no jams very good took it with the 28inch barrel in black.
    Love the way it becomes 3 pieces like an army gun.
    I think I will love this one.
    Greetings from Europe and happy hunting season (one month remaining)

  • Joe

    I think the Vinci is the best Auto shot gun made so far, I should no I have had all of them starting with the Rem #19 and then browning A-5 rem 1100 rem 11-48 benelli sbe and then the sbe2 and the Vinci and now the new super Vinci. I like how the Vinci comes up like a 20ga and how fast it is getting to your next bird. I have never had any trouble with any of my Benelli but I really like how both vincis come up and how fast they get on birds.

  • Ryan

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I just barely got my Vinci. Picked it up used. Gun cycled 2 3/4 and 3’s flawlessly. I did experience the finger bite but tightened up my grip and didn’t have a problem after that. It is a first gen so it does not have the nice little cut out on the trigger guard. Recoil is still substantial despite the comfort tech stock. As a matter of fact I’d say it’s only marginally less than the super nova I sold to help get it. As far as the break in goes. Doesn’t it say in the manual you need to shoot heavy loads initially to insure proper function with lighter loads? As to the guy complaining about his pheasant loads tearing up his finger.. Man up! Try a 3 inch Remington hypersonic @ 1700 plus feet per second with an ounce and a quarter payload. That’s what bit me. Just need to adjust a little bit and take a tighter hold. And yes, I shot an entire box of those. Overall Extremely happy with my purchase. Worth ever penny.

  • Glenn

    I have a Vinci for sale if anyone is interested. Shooting an O/U now.
    Lakeland FL

    • Jesse

      Glen in Lakeland- I am in Valrico/Tampa and I am interested in your Vinci

      • Glenn

        Glenn in Lakeland : 863-581-1783

    • jesse

      Glen, do you still have this gun??

      • Glenn

        Sorry, Jesse. I have sold it.

  • Justin Kingery

    Any one having trouble with there super vinci camo scratching off and I haven’t even shot it yet