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TFB Site Problems. Fixed?

Over the past couple of weeks we have had significant problems serving¬†up the TFB homepage. Many readers have reported that they had not seen any new blog posts for 1 or even 2 weeks, and wanted to know if we were still operating. If anything, thanks to Nathan’s [Read More…]

TFB Back Online

I am sure many of you noticed we have been offline for over 24 hours. A perfect storm of server and database problems happened all at once, for reasons not yet known. A number of people worked all through last night and all day to get it fixed and are in desperate need [Read More…]

TFB SHOT Show 2014 Debrief

SHOT Show was crazy. So many people to see, so many guns to handle and not nearly enough time to do it all. This year SHOT `14 was the best organized SHOT I have attended. Despite having a record 67,000 people in attendance, the show floor felt less crowded and chaotic [Read More…]