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Apex Tactical MRAT

Compensate! New Apex Tactical MRAT Compensator Kit for FNX-45 Pistols

If you own an FN  FNX-45 pistol with the factory threaded barrel, and feel you want to reduce the muzzle rise and recoil of the .45 ACP now you have an option with the MRAT (Muzzle Rise Amplitude Tamer) compensator from Apex Tactical Specialities. The MRAT compensator [Read More…]


New FN FNX-45 Pistol

FNH USA has announced their new FNX-45, the commercialised version of the pistol they developed for the Joint Combat Pistol Program. The pistol is single/double action and its controls are fully ambidextrous. The frame will be available in black (as pictured above) with [Read More…]