Epic Shoot

[Big Daddy Unlimited 2019] Origin Story & Gun Porn from Epic Shoot 2019

For those who might be unfamiliar with the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019, this is their 2nd Annual year of hosting this shoot for media of the firearm industry to receive a more intimate look at products from manufacturers, unlike the stampede and chaos that is often associated with SHOT Show. Jonathan Faulkner and everyone at the Big Daddy Unlimited group had desired a media event that would allow for more opportunity to build relationships with vendors without the pressure and insanity of much larger shows. While they, like many of us in the industry, fantasized about such an event they finally broke down and decided to make one themselves! That is how the Big Daddy Unlimited Shoot came to be!

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[Epic Shoot 2018] Seekins Precision PRS Accessories

Seekins Precision was one of the companies showing off some of their newest gear at the Epic Shoot 2018 held by Leviathan and Big Daddy Unlimited. The Seekings Precision PRS accessories caught my eye. They have an adjustable ARCA style rail along with some other rails meant for bolt guns or PRS rifles.

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[Epic Shoot 2018] Fostech Echo AK47 Trigger & More

At the Leviathan x Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2018 media event, Fostech unveiled some brand new products. The highlight of their presentation would have to be their Echo AK47 trigger. Although they have another interesting trigger along with a ridiculously lightweight magnesium handguard.

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