[Big Daddy Unlimited 2019] Origin Story & Gun Porn from Epic Shoot 2019

    epic shoot

    For those who might be unfamiliar with the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019, this is their 2nd Annual year of hosting this shoot for media of the firearm industry to receive a more intimate look at products from manufacturers, unlike the stampede and chaos that is often associated with SHOT Show. Jonathan Faulkner and everyone at the Big Daddy Unlimited group had desired a media event that would allow for more opportunity to build relationships with vendors without the pressure and insanity of much larger shows. While they, like many of us in the industry, fantasized about such an event they finally broke down and decided to make one themselves! That is how the Big Daddy Unlimited Shoot came to be!

    The Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot came from very humble beginnings, but within 2 years it already is truly a world-class event. You have headlining stars like Colion Noir and Jerry Miculek hanging out, shooting full-auto firearms, and gushing about what their favorite firearms, methods, and experiences have been. You also have premier name brands like Daniel Defense, Glock, Vortex Optics, and a convoy of others in attendance showing you everything they got!

    • 1st Year in 2018: 26 Manufacturers, 30 members of the Media
    • 1st Year in 2019: 45 Manufacturers, 60 members of the Media

    From year to year in only 2 years of this shooting going on, they have seen a 73% increase in manufacturers wanting to attend. That is huge! While Jonathan Faulkner and Big Daddy Unlimited want to keep this event intimate, they simultaneously need to give adequate coverage to the manufacturers in attendance so they doubled the amount of media they allowed in this year. Hopefully twenty years from now we can look back at this article as a “historic piece” because they will still be running strong!

    Now that you know what the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019 is all about, how about we get to something truly important!… All of the glorious guns we saw there! As mentioned earlier, there were 45 manufacturers that were in attendance so there was a lot of to take in, but these are just some of the highlights of what we came across. Enjoy!

    epic shoot

    Vietnam era 40mm Grenade Launcher brought to the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019 by SB Tactical

    Out of all of the things you would expect to see at a modern gun shoot in the 21st century, an M79 “Blooper” is not one of them! Everyone in attendance was glad to see such a fun artifact that was brought by SB Tactical, the premier manufacturer of braces for pistols of all platforms. Even though much of the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019 was an overcast, rainy day this firearm got a lot of love and attention.

    epic shoot

    Fostech Origin 12 Short Barrel Shotgun Black w/ Nickel Internals at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    If you are into pop culture at all you might have seen a bit of Fostech’s products in the wild lately. They can be found in the new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” video game as well as “Terminator: Dark Fate” which everyone’s favorite/worst robot nightmare come true. Aside from this wicked example of a Short Barrel Shotgun, they had oodles of other shotguns that would make you almost want to sell a kidney to buy one!

    epic shoot

    LEO Takedown – Rapid barrel removal and attachment technology that retrofits to direct impingement AR-15, M-4, M-16 service rifles, and direct blowback AR pistols that utilize a MILSPEC grade upper receiver as seen at Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    We already have covered the LEO Takedown in an article from the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019 because this product frankly is that cool! The gist of it though is you can retrofit your somewhat traditional AR-15 to become a more compact, backpack-able version of itself. All you need is 3 simple pieces from LEO Takedown and basic armorer tools for disassembling an upper assembly.

    epic shoot

    Maxim Defense prototype M240 silencer currently competing for military contracts on display at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    Maxim Defense has carved out a reputation and name for themselves by making compact PDW (personal defense weapons) that are unlike anything the firearm industry has ever seen. That is why when we stopped by their booth we were surprised to see a silencer manufactured by them! This was crowned on top of an M240 machine gun and is currently in contention for some military contracts. We do not have much further details than that out of respect to Maxim Defense and the contracts they are pursuing, but it was a hoot to shoot nonetheless so we thank them for bringing it with.

    epic shoot

    Maxim Defense brought an M240 with their own silencer on it to the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    It would be remiss of myself to not show some picture of the M240 that Maxim Defense had on display for their somewhat secret silencer. It was a secret to the degree that they are not going to publish a specification or sell sheet on it any time soon, but they are tremendously proud of it (and rightly so) because it works great! Maxim Defense was extremely accommodating and educational to a newbie like myself in showing me how an M240 works because although I have fondled quite a few firearms in my day I never fired an M240.

    epic shoot

    Maxim Defense brought a buffet of their PDX firearms to the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    Aside from the show-stopping M240 and the mysterious silencer that they brought, Maxim Defense also displayed at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019 a complete buffet of their PDX firearms. Everything from .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO to 300BLK to 7.62x39mm offerings. They also are expanding out their barrel length options as well providing the choice of an AR-style pistol or SBR. The PDX in 300BLK is something we saw exhibited at earlier trade shows this year and it will be exciting to see one once it is available to be reviewed and tested for all of you!

    epic shoot

    A Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 9mm pistol was on display for everyone at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    For people who are hunting up an affordable, but reliable 9mm pistol or PCC (pistol caliber carbine), the Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 9mm should be at the top of your list. It is rugged, compact, boasts M-LOK rail channels, has a threaded barrel, and it is wicked fun to shoot! This has been validated by our staff repeatedly every time we come across one.

    epic shoot

    Microtech Defense Industries (MDI), a division of Microtech Knives, with their R2K9 Modular 9mm silencer at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    When you visit a well-known knife manufacturer’s booth you might be quite surprised to see a silencer proudly on display, but that is exactly what we encountered when we paid Microtech Knives a visit. More specifically, Microtech Defense Industries (MDI), a division of Microtech Knives, was the one who produced the R2K9 Modular 9mm silencer that was on display and it is truly impressively quiet. So quiet that we did a complete write-up on it already that can be found HERE.

    epic shoot

    A demonstration cut-away Glock that was on display at the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019

    It would almost be a sin if TFB attended the Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2019, and did not handle some Glocks along the way. While Glock did not have any new firearms to show us (maybe they are holding out for SHOT Show 2020 in January?… who knows) they did have this incredibly neat cutaway Glock to better show people the internals of a Glock and how they function; very cool!

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