[Epic Shoot 2018] Fostech Echo AK47 Trigger & More

    At the Leviathan x Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2018 media event, Fostech unveiled some brand new products. The highlight of their presentation would have to be their Echo AK47 trigger. Although they have another interesting trigger along with a ridiculously lightweight magnesium handguard.

    Echo AK47 Trigger

    Just like the Franklin Armory Binary trigger, the Fostech Echo trigger is a pull/release trigger and is considered semi-auto by the ATF. What separates the Echo from the Binary trigger is that the Echo cannot be over run. One issue with the Binary in an AR-15 platform is that if you manipulate the trigger too fast it can cause hammer follow and induce a malfunction. The hammer falls too soon and follows the bolt as it is closing. This creates a fail to fire malfunction. The Echo cannot do this due to a secondary sear engagement. So if you try to release the trigger too soon, it just wont release the hammer and you go back to pulling the trigger to release the hammer.

    This characteristic is even more crucial in an AK setup since the gun naturally cycles slower than an AR. At least that is what Fostech told me. This Echo trigger will be similar to their AR trigger in terms of installation. The trigger will be self encased “cassette” style. Then you bolt the selector switch housing on the outside.¬† Interestingly, the Echo AK47 selector switch is not like a traditional full auto AK. Normally the full auto mode is in between safe and semi auto.¬† The Echo has the selector modes in sequential order: Safe, Single pull, then echo mode.

    Due to the design, the trigger bow is a separate piece. This does open up the Echo AK7 trigger to be modular and potential for different trigger bows will be possible. I prefer the straight trigger of my ALG AK trigger so I am hoping a similar trigger can be made for the Echo.


     Fostech Makes Super Light Weight AR Handguards

    Picture above is a brand new minimalist ultra light weight handguard. It is made out of magnesium and weighs under 2.5 oz!!! The AR below weighs less than 5 lbs.

    Below is their Mach 1 handguard. This one is 16″ long and weighs 9.9oz including the barrel nut.

    The Echo AK47 trigger will be available beginning of next year. But due to pre-orders with dealers, do not expect to get one until April. It will retail for $547. There is no word on the pricing or availability yet on Fostech’s ultra light weight magnesium rails but according to the Fostech rep, it weighs the same as a carbon fiber tube handguard.

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