New NATO Dummy Round Set from Strike Industries

Luke C.
by Luke C.
New NATO Dummy Round Set from Strike Industries

Strike Industries continues to surprise me with the ever-broadening spectrum of products it continues to offer. This time they’ve got something both fun and practical – NATO Dummy Rounds. A practical solution for dry fire practice, safety education, or even as a unique keychain accessory. These dummy rounds provide a subtle yet effective reminder of the major calibers favored by NATO forces.

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New NATO Dummy Round Set from Strike Industries

This is the Strike Industries Polymer Ammo Collection (NATO Version). In a single array, it includes one of each (5) listed calibers which can be removed from the plastic container.

The calibers included are 9mm, 5.7×28, 5.56 x 45, 7.62×51, and 6.8×51. These are dummy rounds which are in-spec and can even be used for dry fire training or general safety education. Or, this collection kit can also be treated as a reminder tool for what the most prominent rounds used by NATO are.

While these might only have some limited use, I for one might like to grab a set and make some neat chamber flags out of them, or perhaps an entire set might make for a good gift for a friend or family member. Each NATO Dummy Rounds set comes with the 5 major cartridges used by NATO forces: 6.8x51mm (277 Fury), 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm, 5.7x28mm, and 9x19mm. For more information or to purchase your own set, you can visit

DISCLAIMER: Neither Strike Industries nor this product are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The use of “NATO” on this product is merely to indicate compatibility with NATO-related caliber designations. For additional information about NATO, visit

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Haulin' Oats Haulin' Oats on Apr 11, 2024

    Take a sling QD mount + one dummy round + some paracord (or stretch cord) for a lanyard = you have an ideal and handy California bullet button tool

  • Dafuuuuq Dafuuuuq on Apr 11, 2024

    For that price you can get good dummy rounds that wont be destroyed by the ejector.

    • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Apr 11, 2024

      @Dafuuuuq Yeah there's a reason most reusable snapcaps for non-revolvers have at least brass case heads, if not full brass cases with plastic or spring-loaded primers. Strike exclusively makes cheap jankgear.