CMMG Endeavor, Dissent, Resolute Now Available In 22 ARC

Zac K
by Zac K
The high-power .22 handgun you didn’t know you needed, the CMMG Dissent. [CMMG]

Want to shoot a .22-cal AR, but you want more zip than the standard .223 Remington/.223 Wylde/5.56Xx45mm loads will give you? The CMMG Endeavor, Dissent or Resolute can answer your problem: They’re now available in 22 ARC.


Hornady Manufacturing unveiled the 22 ARC cartridge last fall. A derivative of the 6mm ARC cartridge, the lighter round is intended to give shooters .22-250 performance in a shorter cartridge length. The designers wanted to make a round that was compact enough to chamber into a standard-length AR-15 action.

The same features as always for these firearms, only the chambering is different. The Resolute still comes with adjustable stock, etc. [CMMG]
Here’s what we told you when Hornady unveiled the round in November of 2023:

The 22 ARC ‘rivals the 22-250’ while fitting in a standard AR-15 platform with its 2.26” overall length. Hornady has not published velocity data for any of the loads though, so we will have to wait and see what some of those numbers look like. High velocities coupled with a high-BC modern bullet and the 1:7 twist rate could make for a great varminting caliber.

There are three initial factory loadings, an 88-grain ELD Match, a 75-grain ELD Match in the BLACK lineup, and a 62-grain ELD-VT in the V-Match lineup. Factory ammo will not be the only option though. Hornady is also releasing a full range of reloading equipment.

About half a year later, we see the modern sporting rifle industry is already looking to take advantage of the new cartridge. The CMMG Resolute and Endeavor rifles and Dissent rifle or pistol all come with a 1:7 twist in order to stabilize heavier bullets—with that much powder behind the projectile, it would be silly not to take advantage of the potential.

Your choice of a wide range of Cerakote options. [CMMG]
Aside from the chambering, it seems these are all basically the same as their previous versions; same stock options, same finishes, same free-floated M-LOK handguards, same choice of Cerakote finish. For more details, check out the CMMG website here.
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  • Executor Executor on Mar 26, 2024

    Just a heads-up, Dissent Uppers can only be used with their branded lowers or generic mi-spec AR-15 (5.56) lowers, not AR-9 lowers!

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    • Executor Executor on Mar 30, 2024

      @Tim Tom Zalabim Standard buffer tube uppers? Yes, just not the contained buffer Dissent.

  • BeoBear BeoBear on Mar 27, 2024

    I see this caliber going the way of the dodo.