POTD: The Noveske 8.125″ 9mm Crye Baby

Eric B
by Eric B
POTD: The Noveske 8.125″ 9mm Crye Baby

Welcome to another Photo Of The Day! Today we’re looking at an amazing auction thanks to companies like Noveske, CGS, Irregular Defense, Wilcox and Aimpoint. This is a Noveske 8.125″ 9mm in a custom Flecktarn Cerakote with a CGS Mod 9X Silencer, Irregular Defense OMM Micro Mount and a Irregular Defense Feer Riser. The laser is a Wilcox Raid XE and the red dot is an Aimpoint Comp M5 Red Dot.

Behold the custom Noveske Flacktarn Cerakote!

Here is the description of the package:

$50,100 current bid
10 Bids

Description of the Item:


CGS Mod 9X Silencer
Irregular Defense OMM Micro Mount
Irregular Defense Feer Riser (matching cerakote)
Wilcox Raid XE Laser
Aimpoint Comp M5 Red Dot Reflext Sight
Noveske Offset Light Body, Malkov Scout Light head and Surefire Remote Pressure Switch
Custom Flacktarn Cerakote by Noveske

DONATED BY: Noveske, CGS, Irregular Defense, Wilcox, Aimpoint

As of the time of writing this POTD, there were 10 bids and the highest was $50,100. Check here for the latest bid and make sure you comment below.

Photo source: Noveske.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Anomanom Anomanom on Mar 06, 2024

    Looks like someone left it on the floor under the paint bench; then noticed it a few days later like "Eh, still good."

  • Andrew Andrew on Mar 13, 2024

    I hope that CGS can has less blowback than either of my MoD9s, on a straight blowback gun.