New Lapua Cases: 300 Winchester Short Magnum & 6mm GT

Eric B
by Eric B

Lapua of Finland is introducing two new cartridge casings in 2024, namely the 300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and 6mm GT. According to Lapua, the 300 WSM provides many advantages among magnum cartridges, delivering energy equal to the 300 Win Mag. It’s conveniently integrated into a short-action rifle design.

Lapua @ TFB:

The 6mm GT is introduced due to its massive growth and use in competition shooting series like PRS, NRL, and similar disciplines. It’s a high-performing short-action cartridge using the latest 6mm projectiles, with low recoil. The cartridge geometry is based on the original 6.5×47 Lapua parent case.

Here is the presentation of the new cartridges from Lapua ( Source):

We are proud to announce the addition of .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) and 6mm GT cartridge cases to our product offering in 2024.

Lapua cartridge cases are known to exceed the quality and longevity of all other manufacturers and are the #1 component choice of competitive long-range shooters, hunters, and reloading hobbyists. Available this spring, we will offer a superior quality 300 WSM case component for its loyal followers through authorized retailers. We only use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to satisfy the demands of reloaders who seek the highest levels of precision from their 300 WSM and 6mm GT firearm platforms.

Our Lapua Sales & Marketing Manager, Erkki Seikkula states, “300 WSM reloading enthusiasts who insist on using the best components now have Lapua cartridge cases available for their long-range target rifles and custom hunting guns. From all of us at Lapua, thank you for seeking out our components to fulfill your precision reloading needs.”

The 300 WSM case.

Our cartridge cases are known to exceed the quality and longevity of all others case manufacturers and are the #1 component choice of competitive long-range shooters and hunters.

Lapua Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Jarkko Aro comments, “Competitors shooting PRS, and similar long-range disciplines, have urged us to develop a 6mm GT case with unmatched quality and superior cartridge geometry to those currently offered in the marketplace. We’re confident we’ve exceeded their demands by collaborating with original cartridge developers, George Gardner and Tom Jacobs.”

Lapua’s 6mm GT cartridge cases will be available for order this fall through your favorite authorized Lapua retailers.

The 6m GT case.

Yes, we hear you! Why announce new products when your favorite cases are suspended? We are planning to resume manufacturing your favorite suspended cases in 2024 also! Thanks for your patience in these challenging times. Contact your authorized Lapua retailer beginning in February for more details regarding delivery dates for your favorites.

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