[SHOT 2024] Shadow Systems Unveil Several New Pistols

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[SHOT 2024] Shadow Systems Unveil Several New Pistols

Shadow Systems unveiled several new offerings to gun enthusiasts at SHOT Show 2024. Among the highlights were the introduction of their novel HS923 suppressor and an expanded line of their coveted pistols, the MR920P and XR920P.

The HS923 Suppressor

The HS923 suppressor features an aluminum outer tube and a titanium blast baffle, ensuring it remains lightweight yet robust. Its design incorporates a modular feature enabling the user to alter it between short and long setups swiftly. As Shadow Systems Quality Engineer Lawrence explains, users can quickly shift between the two by discarding the baffle extension and placing the endcap instead. The endcap possesses a particular machined flat facet devised to integrate with the surface of a pistol slide.

The MR920P, and XR920P

Shadow Systems also presented a couple of new additions to their pistol repertoire, the MR920P, and XR920P. These pistols, one compact and the other full-sized, feature compensators that serve to minimize recoil and muzzle flip, maintaining a fast and flat shooting experience.

The compensator used in these new pistols extends by only half an inch, and its quick detachment (QD) attachment system ensures user-friendly maintenance. They are intended to fall in line with the restrictions imposed on threaded barrels. Lawrence provided further insight into the compensator; he stated that the Shadow Systems’ design features a proprietary 3-lug muzzle and central locking lever, removing the need for a threaded barrel. It’s also worth mentioning that these pistols come optic-ready, have fluted barrels, and a capacity of 15 to 17 rounds based on the model. A selection of barrel finishes is also available, providing a more customized experience for users.

The new guns maintain the high standard of quality characteristic of Shadow Systems. In 2023, the company rolled out several new models at Industry Day at the Range, with a focus on 9-mm pistols that showcased inherited features from Glocks, alongside custom modifications typically associated with high-end, bespoke units.

The MR920 had also garnered positive reviews for its shooting stability, recoil control, and innovative optics mounting system. The new pistols’ design seems to build upon the previous success, incorporating user feedback for continued refinement.

An important aspect of Shadow Systems’ design philosophy has been their commitment to improving upon successful platforms while implementing customer feedback. The MR920P and XR920P pistols and the HS923 suppressor seem to be natural progressions of this philosophy, standing as a testament to the company’s innovative approach in the firearms industry.

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