TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

Luke C.
by Luke C.

We’re back again with another roundup of fresh firearms-focused podcasts in TFB Podcast Roundup 111. Each week we’re bringing you a new set of podcasts from across the web that cover a wide variety of topics including gunsmithing, hunting, precision shooting, war stories, competition shooting, gun industry news, and much more. In addition, we’re also featuring the most recent episode of TFB’s own Behind The Gun Podcast which airs every week on Thursday mornings. If you’d like to check out the full episode list for TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, you can find it here on the TFB website or on your favorite podcast app. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s selection of gun podcast listening.

Previous TFB Podcast Roundups:

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

Direct Action Podcast: Colt Canada C7/8 vs. AK-47

Length: 44 Minutes

Uri Bondar joins Randy once again to talk all things firearms preferences, training, and of course; make Randy choose between an AK and a C7. Let us know what you’re running in the comments!

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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Firearms Training – Pew Pew Panel Ep29: Ava Flanell & Iraq Veteran 8888

Length: 56 Minutes

Welcome to Pew Pew Panel with Eric and Ava. Today we’re discussing revolvers for self defense, nerf gun fights, firearms training, and much more.

Main Topic Why be a firearms instructor? What makes a good trainer? Who is the perfect student? What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a class? Old lady with a loaded S&W 500 magnum A lot of women who have stalkers or have been victim to abuse What gratifies you the most about training? I’m equipping people with the knowledge and ability to protect themselves Demystifying lies brought on by media and politicians What are some of your shortcomings?

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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Lock N Load Podcast: Episode 12 – The Journey of Lock N Load Firearms LLC with Joshua Serafino

Length: 27 Minutes

Join us for a special episode of the Lock N Load Podcast where we pull back the curtain and dive into the personal journeys of our hosts, Joshua and Michele. This episode is brought to you by Lock N Load Firearms and PatriotWear Holsters. In this episode, Josh opens up about his path from being a novice in the world of firearms to becoming the owner of Lock N Load Firearms. He shares his initial experiences of getting his pistol permit at 22 and the evolution of his passion into a thriving business. Josh’s story is a testament to dedication and adaptability, particularly highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic when the demand for firearm education surged. Michelle, co-host and enthusiast, adds her perspective to the conversation, making this episode a blend of personal anecdotes, professional insights, and the shared love for firearms and education. The duo also delves into the challenges and triumphs of running a firearms business, the importance of technology in modern gun retail, and future aspirations for Lock and Load. Whether you’re a long-time follower of the podcast or newly tuning in, this episode offers a unique opportunity to get to know the people behind the voices. It’s a story of growth, learning, and a deep-rooted passion for the Second Amendment and firearm safety.

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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The VSO Gun Channel | Shot Stop Armor Dissolved Over Chinese Armor Scam

Length: 8 Minutes

ShotStop Ballistics was recently dissolved over a scandal involving use of fraudulently manufactured body armor products.They claimed to be using US manufactured materials and it was determined after investigation by NIJ that indeed it was chinese junk marsquerading as fake body armor.

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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Iron Sights | Chris Palmer Exposes The Untold Realities Of Policing & Firearms

Length: 148 Minutes

This past week I found myself immersed in the heart of a grand shooting community. Arizona, a vibrant hub for those passionate about firearms, proved to be a fascinating space. Amidst the gathering, I had the privilege of connecting with Chris Palmer @532insightllc. Chris, a seasoned police officer in Arizona, brings a wealth of experience and insights to our conversation. In this interview, we traverse through Chris’s background, unraveling layers of his journey, and addressing specific questions that shed light on his objective.

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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Self-Defense Law for Gun Owners // Higher Line Podcast #219

Length: 45 Minutes

Leading Self Defense Attorney Andrew Branca speaks after dinner Thursday evening at the S12 Premier Training Event. He is a national expert on the law of self-defense and a lifelong firearm enthusiast. Special Law of Self Defense Promotion:… Attorney Branca has three decades of practice experience, mostly specialized in self-defense law. He’s also a Amazon Bestselling Author of the book, “Law of Self Defense.” To learn more visit:

TFB Podcast Roundup 111: December 4th Roundup

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That’s all we’ve got this week for the TFB Podcast Roundup. Please let us know if you enjoyed any of these episodes or if you have your own gun-related podcasts that you like to listen to! Thanks as always for stopping by to read and listen right here on The Firearm Blog, we’ll see you next week!

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