TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Welcome to TFB Podcast Roundup 110! I trust every one of you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some much-needed time time with your loved ones, and away from the typical office routine. As usual, each week we’re bringing you a new set of podcasts from across the web that cover a wide variety of topics including gunsmithing, hunting, precision shooting, war stories, competition shooting, gun industry news, and much more. In addition, we’re also featuring the most recent episode of TFB’s own Behind The Gun Podcast which airs every week on Thursday mornings. If you’d like to check out the full episode list for TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, you can find it here on the TFB website or on your favorite podcast app. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s selection of gun podcast listening.

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TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

335: Issues With Long Range Hunting – Ron Spomer outdoors

Length: 35 Minutes

Welcome to the Ron Spomer Outdoors Podcast! In this podcast, I hang out with Covey, answer listern questions, announce my new book, and discuss the issues with long range hunting.

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

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1ShotTV – The Rifle That Killed JFK… Allegedly (Lee Harvey Oswald’s M38 6.5 Carcano)

Length: 16 Minutes

Today we have Lee Harvey Oswald’s M38 6.5 Carcano, allegedly the rifle that was used in the JFK assassination!

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

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Vortex Nation Podcast | #10MinuteTalk – Peep This – Aperture Sights on Firearms and Muzzleloaders

Length: 30 Minutes

Aperture sights, commonly referred to as peep sights, are a fun and extremely accurate way to shoot an open-sighted rifle or muzzleloader. But why? What rifles do they marry well with? Mark Boardman, Jim Hamilton, and Ryan Muckenhirn pull a couple of Ryan’s rifles out of the safe to chat through them and the different styles of peep sights they are adorned with. As always, we want to hear your feedback! Let us know if there are any topics you’d like covered on the Vortex Nation™ podcast by asking us on any one of our social media platforms and using #VortexNationPodcast.

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

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Czech Firearms Podcast | Ep. 25 – James Reeves the gunfluencer – EN

Length: 84 Minutes

James Reeves is a world-famous Guntuber, an attorney focused on “self-defense cases, and executive producer of The Firearm Blog. On his account @gunshorts he shares his opinions with the world. In the 25. Episode of CFP we talk about life with guns, a comparison of the U.S. and Czech gun laws, and much more! Enjoy!

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

Listen to the Czech Firearms Podcast on YouTube

Colion Noir Podcast | Armed Jewelry Store Owner Tells His Story Defending Against 2 Armed Robbers In Texas

Length: 20 Minutes

In this gripping episode, I sit down with Tien, the owner of a jewelry store in Mesquite, TX, as he recounts a heart-stopping encounter exchanging gunfire with armed robbers. Listen in as he shares the harrowing details of drawing his gun. Gain valuable insights into the reality of self-defense situations, empowering you to be a responsible gun owner. Join us for a riveting conversation that sheds light on the crucial decisions made in the heat of the moment. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode for a deeper understanding of the importance and responsibilities that come with carrying a firearm. 🔫

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

Listen to the Colion Noir Podcast on YouTube

Hornady Manufacturing Podcat | Ep. 102 – Long Range Made Easy

Length: 47 Minutes

On this episode, Seth is joined by Senior Ballistician, Jayden Quinlan. While long-range shooting can be a bit intimidating to get into, the guys breakdown the bare bones of what it takes to get started. They cover what pieces of information are required and how to best use the resources available to you in order to make your first shot at extended range. With a bit of due diligence, you may be surprised how quickly you are able to impact targets at extended ranges. We hope you enjoy the show!

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

Listen to the Hornday Podcast on YouTube

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #93: Getting Bit By The Competition Bug With Nic L

Length: 30 Minutes

In this episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast, we’ve brought back fellow TFB writer and my good friend Nic L to talk about his recent reintroduction into the competition shooting world. I’m of the belief that competition shooting is one of the best ways to stay not only competent and familiar with your firearms, but also to test out any new gear, guns, or ammunition you roll into your EDC and home defense setup. Today Nic and I share some personal stories and chat about our own experiences with competition shooting, and how it has not only enriched our personal lives, but given our reviews some much-needed variety when it comes to torture testing and finding out what new products in the firearms market are really capable of.

TFB Podcast Roundup 110: Cyber Monday Shopping Playlist

That’s all we’ve got this week for the TFB Podcast Roundup. Please let us know if you enjoyed any of these episodes or if you have your own gun-related podcasts that you like to listen to! Thanks as always for stopping by to read and listen right here on The Firearm Blog, we’ll see you next week!

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Luke C.

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