TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

Nic L
by Nic L
TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

I love my Hellcat Pro. The pistol has accompanied me almost every day since it was released. There is, however, always room for improvement. Adding accessories to your carry gun can enhance your ability to be effective if the need arises. There are also accessories that are purely cosmetic and add only to the carrier’s pride of ownership. I was getting the itch and it wasn’t the pollen in the air. It was time to customize my Hellcat Pro, and my eye was caught by the Tyrant CNC upgrades for the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro.

Tyrant CNC @ TFB:

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

Tyrant CNC Upgrades: I.T.T.S. Trigger

The ITTS Trigger is CNC machined from 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum. As with all of Tyrant’s products, the trigger is available in several colors. This one is the black trigger with the black hardware. I’m not much for flashy, so I got the benefits of each part without looking like I’m from Louisiana. Installation is almost too easy. Instead of using pins that need to be punched out like the OEM trigger, the ITTS uses screws.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

Tyrant claims a 30% stronger reset and a more tactile wall. I can’t seem to convert the feeling in my finger to a percentage, or an objective metric of any kind. I can say that the goal of the trigger is accomplished. I feel a defined wall, then a break that feels the same every time. The reset definitely has a springy feeling when compared to the original. It’s a nice trigger, especially if you like flat faces. I’ve never noticed much of a difference. The shoe on this one is actually a hybrid of a flat and curved trigger. Keep an eye on the screws, though. Over the past few months, one of mine almost walked itself out entirely.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

Tyrant CNC Magazine Extension

Also made from 7000 series aluminum, this magazine extension adds three rounds to your 15-rounders. Ten-round magazines are not compatible. They come in all the same colors as the trigger and basically slip on and off of your mag. They are incredibly simple to install.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

I love the attention to detail in the design. The serrations are just as effective as the slide cuts because they’re almost identical. I’ve probably put two boxes through this magazine and have not encountered any reliability problems. This extension doesn’t need a new spring to function. With added rounds comes added length, so I don’t use this as my main magazine while carrying concealed. Even the OEM mag is right at the edge of what’s concealable for me. This does, however, work very well as a spare.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

Tyrant CNC Slide Cover Plate

The slide cover plate upgrade is also machined from aluminum and is finished with a semi-gloss look. Installation is very easy, as long as you remember to keep your thumb on the back of the slide. I got a good amount of resistance when sliding the new one in, but not enough to be a problem. It left me with a feeling of confidence that it wasn’t going to come flying off of my gun.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

There’s really no practical reason to swap this out, but if you’re already using the other parts, and extra Andrew Jackson is a small price to pay for a quality, machined part that will match the rest of your pistol.

Tyrant CNC Extended Mag Release

The extended magazine release is the last piece to round out our upgrades. If you’re having trouble dropping your magazines free, this is a great way to go. I don’t have an issue with the OEM release, but this release really ensures the mag will be out of my way. This release seems to launch the empty magazine, preventing that panic wiggle that many of us do with stuck mags. It is no fault of Tyrant’s that the install is a pain. I definitely ended up with a spring in my finger due to the process laid out by the gun. I was a little surprised to find that I already incurred a scratch during the install.

TFB Review: Tyrant CNC Upgrades For The Hellcat Pro

The pros far outweigh any cons with this mag release. It’s worked perfectly for me. The holster I use every day is the Black Arch Entrada, and all of these parts are compatible. However, with the Blackpoint Tactical Dualpoint, the mag release stuck out too far and unseated my mag. This isn’t a flaw in the magazine release, but something to be aware of with extensions in general.

Check Prices on Tyrant Hellcat Parts

The Tyrant CNC upgrades for the Hellcat Pro are a great way to increase your capabilities with your chosen carry gun. I’d say that my favorite of the bunch is a tie between the magazine release and the magazine extension. The magazine release drops the mag almost as I’m thinking it. The price of admission is reasonable, too, as none of these parts exceed $80, and most are under $35. If you’re interested and would like to pick some up for yourself, head over to the Tyrant CNC website. Make sure you’re following on social media for more. Tyrant can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Carry often and cycle your defensive ammo!

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  • Cornpop Cornpop on Oct 04, 2023

    I'd rather have pins than screws in my trigger.

  • Tdiinva Tdiinva on Oct 04, 2023

    I wish my skill level exceeded the mechanical accuracy of my carry gun making it necessary to upgrade its components.

    I get the desire to customize a pistol but let's not pretend that it "enhances your ability to be effective if the need arises."

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    • Beju Beju on Oct 05, 2023

      @tdiinva I made no claims about a DGU.

      Keep building up that straw man with fake quotes to avoid admitting that your understanding of mechanical handgun accuracy was incorrect.