Vortex Impact 4000 Weapon-Mounted LRF

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Vortex has finally made what many long-range shooters have been asking for, an affordable, weapon-mounted laser rangefinder. The Vortex Impact 4000 is a budget friendly alternative to the more expensive military grade weapon mounted laser rangefinders.

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For those of you who dabble in long-range shooting know that laser range finders are helpful for knowing how far your target is and therefore you can use DOPE or a ballistics app to calculate your bullet drop at that distance. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a device on your gun that could do that for you? Well, they exist but they are price prohibitive. Such devices like the Wilcox Raptar-S fetch around $10k MSRP. Other weapon-mounted laser rangefinders that cost less do not have ballistic solvers built into them and they are very underpowered when it comes to ranging far.

Not the case with the new Vortex Impact 4000. First of all, the MSRP is $2,999.99. Some might have sticker shock but compare that to the $10k Wilcox RAPTAR S and this can range further it is not so bad.

Photo by Vortex

Just like the Razor 4000 GB, the Vortex Impact 4000 will have integrated GeoBallistics as the ballistic solver. It will display wind and bullet drop solutions on the screen at the back of the Impact 4000.

Photo by Vortex
Photo by Vortex

You can store up to ten gun profiles on the Vortex Impact 4000 and many more on the GeoBallistics app on your phone which you connect to via Bluetooth. There are also on-board environmental sensors such as compass, humidity, barometer, and temperature sensors.

Photo by Vortex

Looking closer at the images by Vortex, there appears to be a laser lockout on the left side of the Impact 4000. This should be for disabling the VIS laser which is only used for zeroing. I hope the laser pulse is the same as the Razor 4000. If it is, then it will be easier to zero it with night vision as the laser pulse is not out of band.

Photo by VortexThe remote has a directional pad with a fifth button. I suspect that will be for ranging while the D-pad is for navigating the onscreen options. The circle below the buttons is an LED for indicating its connection to the LRF.

Photo by Vortex

The top of the Vortex Impact 4000 has a d-pad with a fifth button in the middle. It seems to have a similar square nub like the one on the remote. There are two more buttons further back. The one with the circular nub looks like it says settings below it and the other button is for wind bearing capture.

Photo by Vortex

On the right side of the Impact 4000, we can see a battery cap that looks similar to the UH-1 along with windage and elevation to zero the Impact 4000 to your optic of choice.

Photo by Vortex

It has a Picatinny mount underneath the housing for attaching to a handguard or diving board. Vortex has also just released their own precision diving board for 30mm and 34mm rings.

Costa Defense posted this photo comparing the Impact 4000 with a Wilcox MRF Xe which is a weapon mounted laser range finder like the Wilcox RAPTAR S but it does not have a IR pointer nor IR illuminator like the RAPTAR S. The Wilcox costs over $10k.

Photo by Costa Defense

The Impact 4000 weighs just 16 oz and is 4.6″x2.5″x3.2″. It can range up to 4,000 yards. It can range trees up to 2,500 yards and deer up to 1,500 yards. It is out now and will retail for $2,999.99. Check out their website for more information.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • A.K. for T-7 A.K. for T-7 on Sep 28, 2023

    Selling for US$ 1,000.00 less on Mile High Shooting

  • JD JD on Sep 29, 2023

    Perhaps the niche market has widened, but the silencer co radius didn't sell well years ago at 1/3 the price, so i wish them luck