Low Profile Maintenance: The Multitasker Tools "Twist" Firearm Multitool

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Keeping your guns maintained in the field is an important capability to have and it’s the reason why I usually go to the range with a whole bag full of tools. You simply never know when something will need immediate maintenance or when you’ll experience a squib or some sort of range-day-ending malfunction or issue. I’ve noticed over the years that the list of tools that I’m constantly bringing with me to the range keeps on growing. For some of my shorter-range trips this year, I’ve tried to streamline my kit as much as possible so that I’d have a functional yet compact set of tools that should cover all of my bases in all but the most extreme circumstances. This search led me to construct a neat palm-sized bag full of tools made from the beginnings of a simple Fix-It-Sticks kit. I also ran into another tool from a company I’d never heard of before or had any experience with purely by chance on Instagram – Multitasker Tools. The Multitasker Twist is just one of their offerings that I think fits perfectly into an even lighter range maintenance kit that truly fits into your pocket. So today we’ll check that out to see if it might be something you’d want to pick up for your own lightweight range kit!

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Low Profile Maintenance: The Multitasker Tools “Twist” Firearm Multitool



Product Link: https://multitaskertools.com/twist/

The ultra-compact MultiTasker Twist fits in your pocket like a pen and packs a bunch of critical maintenance/adjustment tools for your “modern sporting rifle” and other guns. It’s built around a versatile 1/4″ hex driver socket for the 10 bits that come with the Twist: 3/16″ & 3/32″ slotted, No. 1 Phillips, T10 & 15 Torx, and 3/16″, 9/64″, 1/8″, 7/64″ & 3/32″ hex. (Bits are stored in the included rubber carrier strip.) You also get a 3/32″ pin punch, a radial carbon scraper, heavy duty brass dental pick, an Aimpoint red dot sight turret adjuster, M16A2 style FSP adjustment tool, and a pocket clip that doubles as a light-duty slotted screwdriver. Built to last, too – housing of machined 6061 T6 aluminum, with a durable Type III military-style hardcoat anodized finish.

Photo: Multitasker

Upon initial receipt of the Twist, I immediately took it out and threw it into my range bag which turned out to be a big mistake because I forgot about it for about 3 weeks. On one of my regular range sessions, I discovered it in my bag when I happened to be looking for a different tool and that’s when I realized that it had a convenient pocket clip. The Multitasker Twist is meant to be carried inside of your pocket and it’s really not even a big ask to do so since the tool itself is only about the size of a large Sharpie marker and not that much bigger than a Streamlight Microstream pen light – something a lot of you probably already carry.

Photo: Multitasker

It’s a shame there isn’t an equally convenient way to store all of the included bits but considering that the multitasker comes with 11 of them plus a pick, 3/32 pin punch, and a carbon scraper, I think the tool would end up being quite large if you tried to store all the bits within the tool itself which would probably ruin its sleek and compact nature. That being said, even small features like the pocket clip double as a durable and serviceable wide flat-head screwdriver.

Travel Friendly/Useful?

Before my trip to Finland this year, I decided to take a calculated risk and bring the multi-tasker with me in my carry-on luggage. Heading out of the country I didn’t run into any issues but the paranoid side of me decided to store the Twist inside of my checked luggage for the return trip just in case EU security had any issues with the tools. This is probably an unwarranted fear but for what it’s worth I think it’s unlikely that these simple and small tools would be filtered out by TSA or any sort of other security screening. There are no blades or sharp pointed objects inside of the Twist aside from the pick.

Part of the reason I brought the Multitasker Twist with me to Finland was to do some in-country optics mounting. I wanted to be able to use Trijicon’s new RCR and RMR HD during the Finnish Brutality competition and part of the requirement for the Breacher division I entered into was that you had to carry any and all of your equipment with you through every stage – tools included. The Multitasker seemed like a smart fit because it contained everything I needed to mount, dismount, and zero optics in the field, as well as take care of emergency pistol maintenance which I did end up having to do after one particular dusty Breacher stage.

On the rest of my travels, I also found it useful for adjusting the tension on my holster, fixing a loose camera lens housing, and a handful of other small tasks that were just made easier or less of a hassle with the Twist. I think this thing probably has just as much utility at the range as it does as part of your EDC kit for boring non-firearm tasks.

Low Profile Maintenance: The Multitasker Tools "Twist" Firearm Multitool

The two ends are a bit hard to take off if you’ve been overzealous with tightening them. My recommendation would be to slap some Loctite C5-A anti-seize compound on it which should help keep the aluminum tubes anodizing from sticking too much when you’re trying to open and close your pocket tool.

Closing Thoughts

I’d certainly say that the Multitasker Twist is a really useful tool and one that I’ll probably end up folding into my EDC kit or stuffing into my plate carrier for competitions. It’s a perfect size and gives me access to work on everything from optics to furniture, and other components while also giving me some limited cleaning abilities without having to break out the entire set of tools that I might not even have on me. It won’t replace my typical range bag setup, which is infinitely more capable and precise, but in the field, the Multitasker Twist should do in a pinch and is well worth the $60 you can pick it up for.

My typical range bag tool bag side by side with the Multitasker Twist

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Photo: Multitasker

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Luke C.

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  • Mystick Mystick on Sep 22, 2023

    Are the flatheads "flat" or "square" -ground? It doesn't look like it, from the pictures(granted, those bits aren't the focus of them). One of the best ways to damage screw heads, especially bespoke custom-machined brass ones on older rifles, is to use a common modern screwdriver - that is never the right size and is trapezoidal, at best.

    I like the pen-like design, although I agree with the author that it would be better to have a design that facilitated internal bit storage to keep things in a tidy package. I guarantee that holder, the type of which I have experienced often, will end up with bits loose in the bottom of your range bag. I purchased a small, 5"-long ratcheting 1/4" bit screwdriver from the $5 bin at the auto parts store for this purpose. It is pretty much just a handle, which allows for a little more torque on those pesky LocTite'ed screws. I ground my own flat bits from 1/4" tool steel hex-stock. Much better than the ubiquitous sintered ones. Some Quik-Black or Fast-Blue finishes them nicely.

    • Joe S Joe S on Sep 22, 2023

      @Mystick If you click the link in the article, it has a decent image showing that it is fairly flat ground at the tip. Not a ton of length to reproduce the edge if it gets messed up though.

  • Gabe Gabe on Sep 24, 2023

    Looks pretty handy, might grab one for the range bag.