POTD: Ivorian Soldiers with IWI Tavors – Cote d'Ivoire

Eric B
by Eric B

Once again it’s Photo Of The Day o’clock, and we relocate to the exercise Flintlock 400-meter shooting range near Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Above you see an Ivorian soldier as he transitions into the kneeling shooting position during a training session. Note the strange position of the Meprolight sight. Ivorian soldiers are known to use the CTAR model of the IWI Tavor, with a shorter 15″ barrel. They also use the Micro Tavor X-95 with a Meprolight M21 sight.

Below: Netherlands and French Soldiers discuss shooting techniques while mentoring Ivorian soldiers as part of 400-meter range training.

A French Soldier observes Ivorian Soldiers’ shooting technique while training at a 400 m range during Flintlock near Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, March 4, 2023. Flintlock is an exercise focused on improving military interoperability and capacity building of participating militaries from Northern and Western Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Here’s an excellent picture of Ivorian Special Forces Soldiers with IWI Tavor.

Source: U.S. Air Force, photo by Tech. Sgt. Katelynn Moeller.

Eric B
Eric B

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    French advisors, Ivorian soldiers, Israeli rifles... who says globalism is a bad thing? :-D

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    • TDog TDog on Aug 09, 2023

      @Lee Three different nations from three different continents all represented in the same place...

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    What the heck is an Ivorian?