NEW SIG Sauer ROMEO-X and ROMEO-X PRO – Standard Footprints!

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Back at SHOT Show 2023, during the SIG Sauer Range Day, we got to look at the new SIG Sauer Electro-Optics Red Dot, the ROMEO-M17. Much to the chagrin of TFBTV viewers and those who liked the features that the M17 offered, customers weren’t able to get it since it had a proprietary SIG-LOC mounting interface for the M17/M18 military-issue handgun. Today SIG Sauer Electro-Optics is excited to announce the new RMSc footprint ROMEO-X series of optics which will include the smaller ROMEO-X meant for the RMSc footprint, and the ROMEO-X PRO meant for all P320, and DeltaPoint PRO footprints.

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NEW SIG Sauer ROMEO-X and ROMEO-X PRO – Standard Footprints!

Inspired by the innovation sparked with the development of the ROMEO-M17, the new ROMEO-X family packs military-proven technologies into a streamlined EDC pistol red dot. Designed, engineered, tested, and assembled, in Oregon

  • Inspired by MIL-SPEC ROMEO-M17
  • Forged 7075 Aluminum Housing
  • Patent-Pending Beryllium Copper Flexure ArmDistortion Free Aspherical Lens
  • MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination)
  • Circle Dot With Individually Selectable 2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
  • Low Deck Height for Standard-Height Iron Sight Co-Witness
  • 20,000 Hour Battery Life With Side Load Battery
  • 15 Illumination Settings Including 3 Night Vision
  • Assembled in U.S.A

The ROMEO-X Family will feature forged 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum housings, 15 different illumination settings (3NV), and MOTAC activation. While the ROMEO-X series will only start off with a red dot variant, a green dot variant is planned for 2024 as well. In addition to those features, SIG Sauer claims that the ROMEO-X series have distortion-free aspherical glass and an ultra-low deck height like the M17 optic that will co-witness with standard height iron sights. Finally, the patented Beryllium copper flexure arm adjustment system makes all of this possible with its novel approach to streamlining the adjustment procedure. If you’re looking to pick one of these up, you can expect to pay about $399.99 for the compact RMSc version, and $449.99 for the PRO Version more suitable for full-width pistols. For more information, you can visit

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Max Mller Max Mller on Jul 19, 2023

    So they combined the worst parts of any open and closed emitter sight into a mailbox sized open emitter dirt scoop? An expensive dirt scoop while we're at it?
    No thanks. Many people would prefer a US company over Holosun, but time and time again, we are forced to buy Holosun by the absolute refusal to make any competitive products.

  • Cornpop Cornpop on Jul 28, 2023

    Same width, same height ???