Arken Optics Expands Into LPVOs With EP8 1-8×28

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
Arken Optics Expands Into LPVOs With EP8 1-8×28

Arken Optics has created a name for itself in the affordable optics space. Up until now, their offerings were all in higher magnification ranges like 4-16x, 6-24x, and 5-25x. Their new EP8 LPVO bucks that trend.

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The EP8 is a first focal plane scope based on a 34mm main tube containing Japanese glass. It features illumination and capped windage and elevation turrets. A magnification throw lever also comes standard. The total length of the scope is 10.3 inches.

Arken calls the reticle the “Known Length Box” which they abbreviate to “KL Box” and pronounce Kill Box. The BDC portion of this reticle is unique because it uses a series of L-shaped brackets for ranging targets horizontally or vertically. An outer ring reminiscent of an EOTech reticle surrounds the center dot and BDC portion.

Reticle on 8x
Reticle on 1x

The retail price for the EP8 is $399.99, but Arken offers frequent sales. Their website currently lists a 4+ week lead time for delivery. However, the EP8 is available for order now.

From the manufacturer:

The LPVO has long since earned its place, bridging the gap from holographic/ red-dot types to high magnification optics not traditionally well suited in CQC situations. With ever increasing capability, the LPVO has become a staple allowing tactical teams and competitive shooters to get the most out of any particular member, instantly. The EP8 1-8’s thin edges and wide field of view make this true 1X perfect for close quarters, with a quick throw of the lever to 8X increasing effective range at a moments notice.

Reticle Details: KL Box MIL (‘KL’= ‘Known Length’. Pronounced: “KILL BOX”) This incredibly intuitive, patent pending reticle was designed to increase effectiveness under high stress environments. The outside numbers extending diagonally below centerline correlate to distance in yards. ‘Frame and Fire!” By framing a silhouette target in the appropriate KL box, the user is able to rapidly identify distance by simultaneously using shoulder width and torso height to calculate point of aim. With combat effectiveness in mind, this reticle allows for easy interpolation for any distance within the intended operational limits of a 1-8 allowing the user to acquire and process information faster and put effective rounds down range.

All images from Arken Optics

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Quality Guru Quality Guru on Jul 03, 2023

    Looking forward to how it will compare with other scopes during a C_Does optics review as he is very thorough with his reviews.

    • Squirreltakular Squirreltakular on Jul 06, 2023

      @Quality Guru Between him and the guys at 9 Hole and CA Super Set, the consumer has probably never been this educated without actually getting hands on the product. I hate buying scopes without being able to look through them in person.

  • Dafuuuuq Dafuuuuq on Jul 04, 2023

    Why BDC reticles? Just give us mrad.

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    • Squirreltakular Squirreltakular on Jul 06, 2023

      @Dafuuuuq I like that so many BDC reticles have wind holds. Not really practical for most mil/MOA ones.