Wheelgun Wednesday: Ruger Wrangler 9mm!… It's on the Way… Totally…

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak
Ruger Wrangler .22 Long Rifle in Black and Burnt Bronze Cerakote finishes

Disclaimer: A Ruger Wrangler 9mm revolver does NOT currently exist. No one from TFB contacted Ruger for comment. All of the opinions expressed herein are of the author alone and are not associated with Ruger in any way.

Last week on Wheelgun Wednesday, I pointed out that I successfully predicted the coming of the Ruger Super Wrangler 3 years before it happened. I also predicted the coming of the Colt Anaconda 6 months before that was unveiled as well. Neither time did I have insider information to aid me like a politician buying up stocks and mysteriously having a self-worth of $100 Million after 4 years in office (nothing to see here). Conversely, through my 7-year tenure with TFB, I have openly lied to readers if it is for a hilarious enough reason; albeit on April Fool’s Day (flashback to interviewing the “Tiger King” from his jail cell). By all rights, I should have been fired by now, but they keep forgetting to bring the paperwork to HR. So, here I am making another illogical revolver prediction in 2023 that a Ruger Wrangler 9mm is totally, absolutely on the way! Yet, the more we think about it, it really is not that far-fetched if Ruger produced one. Let’s dive in!

Wheelgun Wednesday @ TFB:

Ruger Wrangler .22 Long Rifle - TALO Exclusive

Ruger Wrangler 9mm – It wouldn’t be their 1st 9mm revolver…

On the face of it, you might be thinking that “Ruger would never make a 9mm Wrangler… they don’t make 9mm revolvers,” and you could not be more wrong. Right now, Ruger makes 12 unique offerings of a revolver chambered in 9mm. Everything from double-action carry revolvers to single-action cowboy guns. If you want to entertain or play with a 9mm revolver, then Ruger is your new best friend.

Ruger would never make a 9mm Wrangler… they don’t make 9mm revolvers…

Ruger Wrangler .22 Long Rifle in Burnt Bronze Cerakote

Ruger Wrangler 9mm – Where’s the competition?

If you look at the wheelgun landscape, Ruger actually has the 9mm revolver market locked down. They currently have 12 9mm revolvers in production (maybe with more in their back pocket; who knows) and only 1 other manufacturer is even close. When you look at the more household names, this is how the competition stacks up:

  • Taurus: 9 Offerings | $409.99 – $779.95
  • Charter Arms: 4 Offerings | MSRP – $490.00 – $511.00
  • Smith & Wesson: 3 Offerings | MSRP $1,259 – $1,499
  • Nighthawk Custom/Korth: 1 Offering | MSRP $3,699.99
  • Heritage Mfg: 0 Offerings
  • EAA/Weihrauch: 0 Offerings
  • Beretta/Manurhin: 0 Offerings
  • Colt: 0 Offerings
  • Kimber: 0 Offerings

Ruger Wrangler 9mm – Capture a Market No Else Owns Yet…

So, if we entertain my foolishness for a moment…who would be Ruger’s competitor to an ultra-affordable Ruger Wrangler 9mm?… What could compete with a $300 9mm revolver?… Honestly, Ruger would be in a league of their own. No one produces a 9mm revolver that retails south of $400 and those are double-action, defense revolvers from Taurus. If you’ve got some cowboy in those Wal-Mart Wrangler® pants you’re sporting, then you probably would love a Ruger Wrangler 9mm wheelgun that is as affordable as your blue jeans: YEE-HAW!

What are some considerations that Ruger might make if an engineer is insane enough to listen to us? As you can see from their Blackhawk series of single-action revolvers, they make no dedicated single-action 9mm revolvers; they are always a convertible (you get 2 cylinders). So, if Ruger continues in that tradition of making a Wrangler in .357 Magnum/9mm that is going to bring up the cost. Then, even through the Wrangler series, it is highly unlikely that we are looking at a sub-$400 price tag anymore.

Would you be willing to pay $400 – $500 for a Ruger Wrangler Convertible .357 Magnum/9mm though? I know I would because the only other option is a $900+ Blackhawk Convertible. Would a Wrangler Convertible skimp on certain areas like materials, features, and fit/finish? Of course. Yet, we all know that going in. You are receiving an ultra-affordable, single-action 9mm revolver just to play around with for the pure enjoyment of shooting. That’s exactly why everyone loves the Wrangler in its rimfire iterations today. So, if you clicked on this article thinking that a Ruger Wrangler 9mm was already here or in the works, just give it a couple years. I might be right… or, not… you never know. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Ruger Wrangler .22 Long Rifle in Black and Burnt Bronze Cerakote finishes
Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Dead Sirius Dead Sirius on Jun 24, 2023

    "Self-worth" of $100 million dollars? When is TFB going to have an adult review articles before publishing?

    And, no, I don't expect Ruger to release a 9mm Wrangler. They went inexpensive for the rimfire, but I don't see that happening for centerfire.

  • Imachinegunstuff Imachinegunstuff on Jun 25, 2023

    You mention no ones the market but Taylor and Co has the TC9 a SAA clone in 9mm for less than 600