Wheelgun Wednesday: Will 2021 be the Rebirth of the Colt Anaconda?

    colt anaconda

    When it comes to wheelguns we can all argue the merits of what is the best revolver… who makes the best revolvers… and what company is #1? A lot of those conversations are boiled down to opinions because everybody has something different that trips their trigger (pun intended). One opinion I am always willing to offer up to my wheelgun friends is that Colt is one of the most important revolver companies to have ever existed for several reasons. One monstrous reason is Samuel Colt, who needs no introduction, but also the value that Colt revolvers fetch. If you have a Snake Gun, as many of the Colt models lend their names to snakes and are affectionately referred to, then you have something truly valuable. That is why when Colt even is not making revolvers they are a topic for discussion. With that being said, I have a bold prediction (or maybe a far-fetched wish): next year in 2021 the Colt Anaconda will return!

    Bold predictions: the Colt anaconda will return

    Since I am sure Colt is avid readers of TFB, hopefully this will inspire them at the least to give us a Colt Anaconda soon. Historically speaking, the Colt Anaconda has not been gone from public circulation that long. The last time that Colt produced an Anaconda was in 2006 which is a mere 14 years ago. This is the same time that Colt decided to quit producing the much more sought-after Python yet people have been clamoring ever since for more Pythons. Why such little love for the Anaconda?

    • Anaconda (1st Edition): 1990
    • Anaconda (Standard): 1990 – 1999
    • Anaconda Hunter: 1991 – 1993
    • Anaconda Custom Ported: 1992 – 1993, 1995 – 1996, 2002 – 2003
    • Anaconda Camo: 1996
    • Anaconda (Custom Shop): 2002 – 2006

    If you love yourself a good ol’ .44 Magnum then an Anaconda would be the next logical step for Colt to make. Thus far, in their reintroduction of double-action revolvers over the past 5 years, they started small and simple with the Colt Cobra. Sort of got their manufacturing and engineering feet wet. Then, they built to something larger in the Colt King Cobra Target which we reviewed HERE. The next step up the wheelgun mountain was to bring back the much romanticized Python. They accomplished this with a few hiccups along the way, but they successfully got it done. The next step would be the Colt Anaconda, right? Well, they would be skipping a few models in their former line-up if you are a purist, but who is counting, right?

    • Grizzly .357 Magnum: 1994 – 1995
    • Whitetailer .357 Magnum: 1987
    • Kodiak .357 Magnum OR .44 Magnum: 1993

    If you are a complete Colt nerd you might want to see a Kodiak in .44 Magnum make a comeback, but the realist inside me believes that will never happen. So, if you want that thumpin’ power of a .44 Magnum it is going to have to manifest itself in a Colt Anaconda. There were only 2,000 Kodiak revolvers made for 1 year while the Anaconda had tens of thousands produced. That is why the lore and nostalgia for Anacondas is much stronger.

    From an aesthetics standpoint, the Python and Anaconda are extremely similar though. It would be fairly easy to produce a Colt Anaconda now that they have the Python back in circulation. Both models often utilized Pachmayr rubber grips, have the signature Colt medallion in the grip, similar stainless finishes, and even shared the same red ramp front sight paired with a white outline adjustable rear sight on some models. The main difference is that the Anaconda uses a larger frame to support and host the .44 Magnum cartridge.

    hurdles to overcome: bringing back the colt anaconda

    With every new endeavor, however familiar it may be, will always bring new obstacles to overcome. So, while I can wax fondly about how awesome it will be when Colt brings back the Anaconda like it is a sure thing it might be easier said than done. Whenever a company makes a “new” anything there are significant start-up costs. You need to design something new… allocate staff to the project which means taking people away from other projects or hiring untested staff… and all this costs money. I have no true financial bearing as to how Colt is these days, but their portfolio of arms is not as robust as it used to be. They produce less 1911 models, less AR-15s, and their revolver lineup is respectable, but small. They appear to be focusing on less projects to ensure they are good projects.

    Is the Colt Anaconda a good project to take on? I believe so, but I am an extremely-biased, double-action revolver fanatic who selfishly wants to see the Anaconda again. Maybe next year is terrific timing for Colt. Maybe 2021 is horrific timing. The general public never understands the full picture or scope of what kind of an undertaking it is to bring a new model firearm to market. So, while I would love to see the Colt Anaconda come back, I also do not want one to reappear only to cripple the Colt brand in the long run. Thinking in terms of the bigger picture what do you think? Would you like to see the Colt Anaconda brought back? Is there a different revolver they used to make that you really like? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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