Affordable DIY Beretta M9 Thin Grips

Doug E
by Doug E
Beretta M9 Thin Grips

When it comes to guns, sometimes, the factory and aftermarket options just don’t quite cut it, whether from an ergonomic or aesthetic standpoint. In the case of one Beretta M9 owner, Ben, the standard-sized grips that were supplied with his Beretta M9 were too large for his liking, and the aftermarket options were over his budget. Thus, he set out to make his own thin grips for his Beretta M9. Let’s take a look at his process and the final result.

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Ben’s had the following summary of his process on his Reddit post documenting his success. His monetary motivation was to save up money for an upcoming vacation, thus curtailing his overall expenditures on gun-related items for a time, including his desire for a set of thin grips for his Beretta.

I took the stock Beretta plastic grips and using the most forward edge of the grip as my alignment, I flattened it out to that edge using a dremel, file and sandpaper. I then etched in new grooves and traced out my grip pattern. I then applied that to a dragon rubber grip sheet, cut her out, slapped it on, replaced the stock screws with low profile flat screws and called it a day.

DIY Beretta M9 Thin Grips
With one of the grips done, you can see how much material was removed compared to the factory grip on the right.
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As you can see, Ben’s modified grips for his Beretta M9 are noticeably thinner, which he noted have been great for him. Thanks to Ben for letting us share his fun DIY gun project! You can check out his Reddit thread HERE. What do you think of this DIY project? Is this something you’ve been thinking you need, or need do it yourself? If you have a DIY gun project you’d like us to share, shoot me an email in my bio below.

Doug E
Doug E

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  • DukeofChutney DukeofChutney on Feb 21, 2023

    If only people would manufacture thin grips for the beretta.

  • Dead Sirius Dead Sirius on Feb 23, 2023

    Doug, I really appreciate you. You see something cool on Reddit, and you ask permission before sharing it. Less scrupulous "writers" just steal content without asking or giving credit.