DIY Grip Modification On A CZ P-01 For Extra Concealability

    DIY Grip Modification CZ P-01

    Have you ever tried to conceal a gun that was overbuilt or one that was just generally bigger than it needed to be for concealed carry? One man decided to take things into his own hands by modifying the removable grips on his CZ P-01 to the point they were flush with the frame, making them the thinnest grips on a CZ I’ve ever seen.

    DIY Grip Modification CZ P-01

    Some pistols in the concealed carry market are bigger than they need to be, or the people that choose to carry them have a hard time hiding them on their person due to body type or their choice of wardrobe. Given those two factors that vary drastically from person to person, there’s only so much manufacturers can do when it comes to making each model a one-size-fits-all.

    When it comes to the metal framed pistols, grip panels offer a level of personalization and the chance to better fit the end user’s needs. In Redditor AlaskanMooCow’s case, there’s, fortunately, a very wide selection of grip panels on the aftermarket, yet they didn’t go quite far enough for his liking. AlaskanMooCow set out to make his P-01 grips the thinnest grips on a CZ. Alaskan had the following to say in his original post on Reddit:

    Just finished with the new grips on my P-01, which bring the grip width to exactly 1″. I got some aluminum grips and sanded them down until only the part of the grip that is flush with the frame was left. Used some steel stik to fill what needed to be filled, threw some paint on there, and called it good. The slide release was sanded down and polished, too.

    Alaskan’s P-01 really caught my eye. Not only did it look good, but according to him, it still functions well while shooting and serves a purpose for easier concealment. I asked AlaskanMooCow if he’d mind sharing his process to getting the thinnest grips for his CZ P-01, which he was happy to:

    My sanding process was just using 80 grit sandpaper until I got it to the thickness I wanted. The whole process would have been MUCH faster with a belt sander, and I would recommend anybody who wants to try this to use a belt sander. On these aluminum grips, there are a couple of holes that go partially through the grips for the machining equipment to hold onto when originally manufactured. Once I sanded the grips down, the holes went all the way through. I filled the holes with steel stik, did the same where it didnt fit around the edges, sanded smooth and painted.

    He also did some custom work on the slide stop lever as well so it wouldn’t protrude as much from the frame, thus reducing the overall width from the frame too.

    DIY Grip Modification CZ P-01

    DIY Grip Modification CZ P-01

    I love seeing people’s practical homemade gear and gun modifications and I hope you enjoyed Alaskan’s handy work as well, you can read his original thread HERE. What do you think about AlaskanMooCow’s new CZ P-01 grips? Have you made grip related modifications to any of your guns, or are you tempted to after seeing Alaskan’s? If you’ve got other Do-It-Yourself mods you like to share with TFB readers, feel free to drop us an email.

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