Wheelgun Wednesday: A Glimpse At Revolvers Used In Crimes

    Revolvers Used In Crimes

    Los Angeles Police Department

    Welcome to TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday, where we discuss every aspect of revolvers. In this edition, we’ll take a look at a few examples of revolvers used in crimes in recent history. A couple years ago, I posited that revolvers were still viable for the simple fact that criminals still choose to use them from time to time, however, today I thought we would simply take a look at a few recent examples of revolvers used in crimes since that last article.

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    It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that desperados would be… desperate to use whatever weapon they could get their hands on, and while semi-auto pistols would be the preferred weapon in this modern age, revolvers are still showing up in crime scenes and on persons convicted of felonies. I took to the Facebook pages of several large metropolitan police departments to catch a glimpse of revolvers used in crimes. I’m only sticking to the revolvers shown with a bit of context since I didn’t want to lump any in from a gun buyback.

    One of our examples of revolvers used in crimes took place a couple months ago in Los Angeles. This copy of an 1873 Single Action Army revolver was reportedly being used to threaten passersby under a freeway, and when officers arrived, the man threatened to use it against himself. Fortunately, the situation was resolved peacefully.


    Moving on to a slightly more modern double-action revolver, a man in St. Louis robbed a CVS store with what appears to be an inter-war era S&W or Colt .38 revolver. Not much more information about this case was given, but the photos are quite self-explanatory. Despite not knowing if the suspect was caught, he was at least courteous enough to be seen on camera lowering his mask before strolling up to the clerk.

    revolvers used in crimes


    In New York, this Charter Arms was reportedly found at the scene of a shooting, however, no further information was provided. It would appear that the revolver is capable of firing, but the ejector rod stuck to the rear may suggest some neglect.


    A gang member on parole was recently arrested in New York for carrying this North American Arms .22LR revolver.


    This S&W 442 was found after Portland officers tried to stop a truck with no license plates.

    East Precinct officers attempted to pull over a truck with no plates, but the driver took off and abandoned the truck, which was stolen. Officers located a firearm with special ammo, $8,422, M30 blue pills, cocaine & heroin. The suspect was not found, but the investigation continues.



    While I’m not surprised that criminals would possess any and all types of revolvers, I was kind of surprised to see all these different types of revolvers in such a short span of time, between late 2021 to the end of 2022. It should be noted that during my search, semi-auto pistols represented the majority of the crime guns displayed by the police departments’ pages I perused, but all of the types of revolvers covered on today’s Wheelgun Wednesday are revolvers that have been, and could be used against someone. Stay safe out there!

    Did any of these wheelguns surprise you?

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