POTD: The Blaser R8 Carbon Success with “Extras”

    Blaser R8 Carbon Success

    Photo Of The Day: Just before last Christmas I came extremely close to buying a Blaser R8 Carbon Success. I’m still surprised I didn’t go for it, as I’m useless at resisting new firearms and gear. Feel the same? The price could have been what made me think twice, and I don’t even dare to look at what they’re going for now after the price increase(s).

    Luckily a friend has one, so it’s her rifle you see here. I borrowed it during a driven hunt earlier this autumn. The caliber is 300 WinMag. Below you can see the stock, with a great combination of leather and carbon fiber.

    The binoculars are Pulsar’s new Merger LRF XP50, which are probably the hottest (pun intended) thing you can bring to see what’s out there. The Merger has an integral laser rangefinder and a very powerful thermal sensor.

    Blaser R8 Professional Success

    The Apple Watch Ultra with the Strelok Pro Ballistic App. The gloves are from Outdoor Research, and I love them! The model here is Ironsight Sensor Gloves, in Coyote.

    On the lookout for wild boar, but none were to be found. Still had a great day out!

    Blaser R8 Professional Success

    We’ll be back with reviews of the Pulsar Merger Thermal Binoculars and the Apple Watch Ultra with the Strelok Ballistic App. For a demonstration of the Merger’s potential check out this video.

    Check back tomorrow for another run of our Photo Of The Day.

    All photos by the author.