POTD: Strike Modular Chassis

    Strike Modular Chassis

    So far it’s been a fantastic year for TFB’s Photo Of The Day. Every day we deliver images of all sorts and today is no exception. We have the Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) by Strike IndustriesThey claim this is the most modular SIG Sauer P320 chassis in the world – designed in Southern California and tested at various California and Nevada shooting facilities. Above you see it by the components, down to the Loctite, and below what it can look like assembled.

    Below: This may be confusing – where does it actually feed the bullets from, or is it a double feeder?

    SIG Sauer P320 chassis


    About Strike Industries:

    Formed in 2011, Strike Industries is a firearms accessories company composed of avid AR, AK and pistol shooters. Although there are already many phenomenal firearm and accessory companies, we feel that there are some areas that have not been explored and ideas that have not been brought forward. Because the AR15 platform is so versatile, there are a near infinite number of options and designs that could be made.

    Source: All images by Strike Industries.