Stern Defense Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter (RAB-AD)

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Stern Defense Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter (RAB-AD) (1)

Stern Defense have announced the availability of their Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter (RAB-AD) which was introduced at TriggrCon 2022. This device is installed on the AR-15 buffer tube and lower receiver allowing to quickly detach the two parts from each other for ease of transportation and storage.

Stern Defense @ TFB:

Stern Defense Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter (RAB-AD) (5)

Stern Defense RAB-AD features a hard coat anodized 7075 aluminum body and steel locking mechanism. The buffer tube is detached from the receiver in a matter of pressing a button and twisting the stock 30 degrees, and is attached back in the reverse order. When the buffer tube is detached, the buffer and recoil spring are retained in it. When installed on an AR-15, the RAB-AD will add 1.25″ to the length of pull and 3.5 oz to the weight of the gun.

The parts of Stern Defense RAB-AD that are installed on the lower receiver
The buffer tube half of RAB-AD

Stern Defense RAB-AD is a drop-in product requiring no modifications to the host firearm. This system is compatible with direct impingement, gas piston operated, direct blowback and radial delayed blowback ARs. It is also compatible with JP Enterprises’ silent captured buffers. The RAB-AD is not compatible with BCGs that “have a flared boss at the tail of the carrier. The tail of the BCG must be .950″ or smaller“.

Stern Defense Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter has an MSRP of $139.95. It comes with all the hardware and armorer tools necessary for the installation. This product is made in the USA.

Check Prices on Stern Defense Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapters

This looks like an interesting takedown solution for ARs. It will allow assembling the gun much faster than if it was stored with the receivers apart, and it’s more affordable compared to side folding AR stock adapters (made by reputable manufacturers). Let us know what you think about the Stern Defense RAB-AD in the comments section.

Pictures by Stern Defense,

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  • Noob Noob on Dec 05, 2022

    SBR your receiver, and then combine it with the fab folding pistol grip and the Cry Havoc quick release barrel assembly, just so you can go to the range and start snapping together a gun like you're agent 47.


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  • James Arvidson James Arvidson on Dec 23, 2022

    Seems like a completely "fun gun" thing. I would love to see a review of it.
    Never on anything more serious than a range toy. I guess my concern would be durability. Overall and especially the detent.

    How bad would it be to use this say, for a competition gun (wouldn't but bear with me). You're on a stage and the detent spring breaks. You're shooting, transition or take it off your shoulder and then.... your buttstock falls on the ground at your feet. Oops. You torqued enough to rotate 30 degrees. Hopefully, you're not shooting too fast and realize before the next pull of the trigger.

    It would be a bit funny to see someone's face as the butt hit their toes.