[TriggrCon 2019] Get Triggered! Stern Defense H2S Trigger – Hybrid 2 Stage


    While out at TriggrCon 2019 we came across Stern Defense and got to see their recently debuted H2S (Hybrid 2 Stage) Drop-In AR-15 Trigger in person! This is a replacement trigger for AR-15 and AR-10 firearms that our very own Hrachya announced on TFB 3 weeks ago when it was unveiled. We got to dry-fire and test these triggers in the Stern Defense booth, and they truly are very smooth triggers. The spec list behind the H2S Drop-In Trigger is as follows:

    • Standard Mil-Spec Pin Size
    • Use for AR15 & AR10
    • 6061 Billet Housing
    • Trigger & Disconnect┬ámachined from A2 Tool Steel Bar Stock
    • Hammer machined from S7 Shock-Resistant Steel Bar Stock
    • Semi-Flat Trigger Bow


    This is something that is currently available on Stern Defense’s website for those who may be looking to upgrade their black gun’s trigger. If you are curious as to whether this trigger has longevity Stern Defense has already gone above and beyond in their testing of it. This is a quote from their website providing a further explanation to the H2S Drop-In Trigger:

    Developed with pistol caliber carbine and defensive shooters in mind. The Stern Defense Hybrid 2 Stage trigger bridges the gap between Mil-Spec style trigger groups and high speed low drag competition triggers. The Stern Defense two stage trigger is a direct drop in replacement for your existing trigger and has endured a 250,000+ round torture test without failure. It features a smooth 2 lb first stage, leading into the positive 4 lb second stage that ends with a crisp break and predictable reset.


    At the moment the H2S (Hybrid 2 Stage) Drop-in Trigger is available in a Black Nitride (MSRP $137) or Nickel Boron – NiB (MSRP $167) finish. The functionality remains the same it is merely a preference of color for the shooter. You can also, by following the included instructions, easily swap to a 3 Lbs Green Spring for a solid wall and light break on the two stage trigger as well. That added touch of versatility is a nice bonus for any shooter.

    For all of our readers throughout the interwebs, what do you think of the H2S Drop-In AR-15 Trigger from Stern Defense? Is this something you would be willing to drop into an AR-15 or AR-10 that you own? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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