NEW 77 Grain Sierra MatchKing 5.56 Load From AAC

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
NEW 77 Grain Sierra Matchking 5.56 Load From AAC

AAC is a brand known for its suppressors, but they recently started producing ammunition as well. Their lineup currently includes options in 9mm, 5.56, and 300 Blackout. Recently, they announced a 77-grain 5.56 load featuring the famous Sierra MatchKing bullet.

Palmetto State Armory @ TFB:

NEW 77 Grain Sierra Matchking 5.56 Load From AAC
The 77-grain open tip match (OTM) has a stellar reputation among end users. The MK262 load is a favorite among military users, and similar loadings are popular in service rifle competitions. The quintessential 77-grain 5.56 load is the Black Hills MK262 Mod 1. However, it can be hard to find and fairly expensive when it is available. Other manufacturers produce similar loads but the prices tend to be north of $1/round.
AAC currently has their 77-grain load listed at $14.99 for a 20-round box. That is a very competitive price for ammunition with a name-brand Sierra match bullet. It is available for purchase as of writing via Palmetto State Armory, which now controls the AAC brand. Hopefully, they can keep pace with demand.
From the manufacturer:

The 5.56 77GR Sierra MatchKing® HPBT Ammunition from AAC delivers superior performance when you need it most.

Sierra MatchKing 77gr Hollow Point Boat Tail Projectile:

Consistently recognized by discerning competition shooters for setting records and excelling in overall performance and accuracy. These bullets are built for AR-15A2 / M16A2 service rifle competition shooting and allow seating to an OAL (Overall Length) that permits cartridges to be loaded into M16 / AR15 magazines. For over 70 years Sierra Bullets has been dedicated to the manufacture of the most accurate bullets in the world.

Designed for use in a variety of applications and manufactured through AAC’s advanced research, design, and engineering process with state-of-the-art, quality machines, and materials.

Rigorously refined by AAC through multiple quality control checkpoints from conception to production. AAC Components make projectiles for the shooter who values attention to detail, quality, and advanced reliability.

Accurate and reliable.

American Made in beautiful Columbia, SC.

Check Prices on AAC 77-Grain Sierra MatchKing 5.56 Ammo

All images from Palmetto State Armory

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