Hunting With A Suppressor Now Long-Term Legal In Vermont

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Vermont’s state leadership has moved to allow hunting with a suppressor in the state indefinitely, thanks to a law passed at the start of June. Some readers may recall that this is actually the culmination of a process that started quite a while back. In 2021, Vermont’s legislators considered the Hearing Protection Act which proposed suppressors be legalized for hunting. The politicians did eventually legalize hunting with a suppressor in June of 2022, but that law was set to expire after two years.

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That’s no longer the case. A bipartisan effort resulted in suppressors being permanently legalized for hunting use in Vermont, as of June 6, 2024. See the American Suppressor Association’s take on the situation below:

Knox Williams, Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association, made sure to thank Rep. Pat Brennan (R-Chittenden-9-2) for his help in getting this law passed. Brennan, along with Rep. George Till (D-Chittenden-3) also helped pass the original temporary legalization of suppressors for hunting back in 2022, and before that, helped get suppressors legalized in Vermont in 2015.

Working with Representative Brennan over the past twelve years has truly been one of the greatest privileges and honors of my career. His tireless work and unwavering dedication is the reason why law-abiding citizens in The Green Mountain State no longer have to choose between jeopardizing their hearing and exercising their Second Amendment rights. What he was able to accomplish is nothing short of extraordinary. The suppressor community, as well as the people of Vermont, will forever be in his debt.

Vermont was one of two states that previously allowed suppressors but did not allow them for hunting. The other such state was next-door Connecticut. Now, gun rights groups will likely focus their efforts there, as Vermont becomes the 41st state to allow hunting with suppressors.

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  • Ranger  Rick Ranger Rick on Jun 14, 2024

    Why would anyone need an AR-15 machine gun to hunt deer?
    /Dementia Joe

    Never mind.

    • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Jun 15, 2024

      @Ranger Rick Bro if you think ol' Warning Shot Joe is the geezer with dementia in this race, you need to look up the transcript of Spraytan Mussolini's speech in Vegas last week where he rambled on for ten minutes with an imaginary story about jumping over sharks.

  • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Jun 15, 2024

    Oh no! Vermont is making it easier to have assassin death tool murder weapon attachments for killer guns of war! Their streets must surely run red with blood like the Old West!

    [literally the safest state in the nation]