FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Variants

    FoldAR’s compact and quick deploying AR pistols have just received a fresh new update for 2023. The compact folding AR pistols will still remain compliant with NFA regulations keeping them off the registry but will now include a new adjustable gas bolt carrier group, Red Rock Outdoor Gears Large Rover slingpack, as well as a new 300 BLK variant. What’s unique about the FoldAR MoBetta pistols is that they allow the user to have a compact package in virtually any barrel length while remaining reliable due to the adjustable gas block system.

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    FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Variants

    FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Varian

    FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Variants

    The 2023 FoldAR® Pistol is the pinnacle of compact AR technology, and it just got MoBetta™! Our latest generational improvements include:

    -Quick Change Barrel System, allowing the operator to swap calibers and barrels lengths faster and more reliably than any other weapon system on the market.

    -Combined with Bootleg Inc.’s Adjustable-Gas BCG, swapping barrels lengths, calibers, and suppression has never been more convenient.

    -Modular handguard, allowing armorers three different lengths to choose from, reduced weight, and room to experiment with aftermarket gasblocks.

    With FoldAR’s patented folding upper, the FoldAR platform gives you the highest level of concealability possible without sacrificing any areas of performance, reliability, weight, or safety. Deployment and stowage only takes a matter of seconds and is an extremely simple and reliable process, allowing you to quickly and efficiently carry and transport the platform in ways never before possible!

    Continuing last year’s improvements, the FoldAR comes standard with Bootleg, Inc.’s 4-way Adjustable Gas Bolt Carrier Group, best in-class of all BCG’s offered today! All FoldAR Pistol firearms are supplied with a Red Rock Outdoor Gear Large Rover sling-pack. These non-NFA Pistol versions are supplied with FoldAR’s minimalist pistol stabilizing brace in order to remain compliant with NFA regulations.

    FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Variants

    FoldAR Introduce New 2023 MoBetta Pistol Variants

    Although these MoBetta pistols are marked as 2023 models, they are available for purchase now and all models regardless of configuration or cartridge selection are sold for $1,999.00 from the FoldAR website. Barrel length options include both 9” and 12.5” barrels in both 300 Blackout and 5.56x45mm NATO. To see a complete list of specifications and barrel length options you can visit their website:

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