[SHOT 2019] Double FoldAR at Dead Foot Arms

    hand me that foldar

    Double FoldAR

    Last summer, TFB’s Ray I. brought us news of the Double FoldAR.   This is an AR Pistol that becomes ultra compact when folded into 3rds.  Equipped with Dead Foot Arms’ Modified Cycle System, one can fire the gun after swinging the barrel assembly back into place.  At SHOT Show 2019, I got to finally handle one of these and look it over in person, courtesy of Dead Foot Arms.

    Double FoldAR

    The footprint of the Double FoldAR is very small, barely longer than the receiver itself at 10.75″.  This rifle-caliber firearm not only can fit into a backpack, it can fit into a small soft sided lunch cooler.  This makes it ideally suited for concealing in a non-conspicuous carrying case.

    Triple Double

    The SHUT Latch pried up and ready to be unhooked for barrel folding

    The first FoldAR merely had a folding stock.  The “Double” part comes in after one pulls the bolt back  from the chamber and unlocks the very robust SHUT locking hinge with a cartridge case rim.  The locking lever took a good bit of effort to operate, but when one is dealing with a barrel, that is a good thing.  One wouldn’t want it to come unfolded while firing!  Once that is done, the FoldAR is neatly folded into 3 pieces.

    Note the hook of the SHUT latch that keeps the barrel and receiver together while firing. Note the smaller diameter forward gas tube arrangement


    Though very compact, this pistol is not the lightest, coming in around 6.2lbs, depending on choice of brace.  The particular model I handled was equipped with a Tailhook.  It’s a very unusual, very compact little package.  The Double FoldAR comes chambered in .223 Wylde or .300Blk.  MSRP is $1999.  For more information on the Double FoldAR, click here.  For more information about Dead Foot Arms and their Modified Cycle System, click here.

    Dead Foot also had this crazy AK on display, looking like it came from a design bureau headed by GWAR, Immortan Joe, and Space Orks

    Rusty S.

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