AR-15 with a Folding Barrel and Stock from FoldAR

    folding AR-15

    Dead Foot Arms recently posted on their Facebook page about a new company called FoldAR that’s releasing a new folding AR-15 rifle. FoldAR uses the Dead Foot Arms Modified Cycle System (MCS) folding stock kit along with a proprietary barrel folding mechanism that allows the user to fold their AR-15 at both ends, making for a very compact setup.

    FoldAR claims it’s the “most compact AR style rifle ever.” The company also claims that it only takes five seconds to fully deploy the rifle and make it ready to fire.

    FoldAR was founded in March 2018 to meet the demands of the AR market and introduce a truly revolutionary product. We are a Veteran owned and operated company, and all parts are proudly built in the USA!

    The FoldAR has instantly earned its place as the final authority over the previously-disputed title of “most compact” AR-style rifle… ever. The reason its developers at ETM unabashedly claim such a title rests in the fact that -when stowed- the overall length of the fully-assembled rifle is equal to the length of its barrel.

    Only until someone figures out how to fold a barrels fold, will the FoldAR’s title ever be disputed… and we don’t expect to see that happen any time soon(unless we figure it out first! The FoldAR also claims title to the quickest deploying takedown AR ever, able to be deployed and fire-ready in less than 5 seconds! While other unique benefits are readily apparent (and some are not), the ultimate benefit is being able allowing the operator to move from point A to point B (and everywhere in between) without drawing the attention that any other fully assembled rifle would.

    folding ar-15

    The FoldAR folding mechanism

    A close up look of the FoldAR folding mechanism. While details about the barrel folding system haven’t been released on the FoldAR website product page, it reminds me of the F&D Defense XAR Invicta folding AR-15 that was released last year.

    folding ar-15

    Another view of the FoldAR folding barrel mechanism

    folding ar-15

    Side view of the FoldAR

    folding ar-15

    The FoldAR unfolded

    Wait, after looking again at pics of both the FoldAR and the XAR Invicta from F&D Defense it’s pretty clear it’s the same folding mechanism. Even some of the product pictures on the F&D Defense website are the same ones used at the FoldAR site. So is the FoldAR a rebranded XAR Invicta? Did FoldAR license the folding mechanism from them? It was time to do some internet sleuthing! Luckily it only took a few minutes, right on the FoldAR FAQ page it gave me the answer.


    A: We are the original inventors and patent holders for this amazing technology (US Patent Number 9,995,556). However, in early 2017 F&D was provided licensing rights by FoldAR’s parent company to the technology but failed to meet its basic contractual obligations. This resulted in termination of the agreement. As a result of this experience, we realized that the only company who could bring this product to market correctly would be us which led to the birth of the FoldAR brand. Coincidentally, the FoldAR parent company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing high-end AR’s for over a decade, so this venture is no new territory for us.

    FoldAR designed and manufactured all of F&D’s folding firearm products and maintains exclusive ownership to all manufacturing equipment, processes, and rights to produce the folding firearm products. F&D is no longer producing the folding firearm products, but is simply selling off the last of its remaining inventory, of which FoldAR manufactured for F&D. With all rights and capabilities being in control of FoldAR, we are able to bring a higher level product to the market for a much lower price. And this will be our long-term objective and commitment to you, the consumer.

    We have no third party licensees at this time. but may entertain non-exclusive OEM or private label licensing opportunities with reputable manufacturers.

    Well that explains that. There hasn’t been an official release date or an MSRP set but FoldAR’s new folding AR-15 rifle should be available for purchase later this year.

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