POTD: Rifle Dynamics’ MagLads Halloween 2022 Drop

    POTD: Rifle Dynamics' MagLads Halloween 2022 Drop

    Every year Rifle Dynamics does a limited run of magazines to celebrate Halloween. This year the magazine is clearly influenced by the horror/sci-fi movie Aliens. The paint design is heavily based on the iconography of the Colonial Marine Corps. According to Rifle Dynamics, the magazine will give you the added edge when going on a bug hunt. The MagLads Halloween 2022 Drop is priced at $38.99, with only 350 available.

    POTD: Rifle Dynamics' MagLads Halloween 2022 Drop

    The mag themselves are commercial Bulgarian steel reinforced slab side polymer mags.  These are not only great canvases to work on but with their steel reinforced feed lips and front/back locking lugs they make for great all around magazines.  Our crew has used these mags in different classes with some choosing to alternate these between their “go to” steel magazines.  The artwork is on both the left and right side of the magazine separated by a black front and back spine and finished off with an RD/ MAG LIFE engraved floor plate.

    Hey Vasquez, You ever been mistaken for a mag? No, have you?

    It’s that time of year once more, Nevada day, Halloween! For this year’s mag, we wanted to go for something a little more appropriate for a bug hunt on some backwater colony. This mag will be limited to 350 prints.

    And remember: short, controlled bursts.

    The specifications:

    • Made In Bulgaria
    • 7.62×39
    • 30 Round Capacity
    • Polymer Body
    • Steel Feed Lips and Front/ Back Locking Lugs
    • 7.6 OZ

    What do you think about the magazine?