POTD: Strike Industries – P365 with ACRO

    POTD: Strike Industries - P365 with ACRO

    Photo Of The Day: Some say that the Aimpoint ACRO looks like a miniature toaster, but it did rather well in TFB’s review back in 2021. Did you ever try to attach an ACRO to a handgun like the SIG Sauer P365? If you did, I assume you improved your hit probability by quite a margin, especially at longer distances?

    The following caption came with the Strike Industries‘ post:

    When it’s back to work and you want to have some fun after a holiday weekend with that @aimpointusa ACRO closed-emitter on top of the Strike Slide for @sigsauerinc P365. NOTE: there are two adapter plates here. One is the Strike Slide for P365 MRDS Adapter Plate and on top is the coming soon RMR to ACRO adapter in the works now. Shown with @surefire_llc XSC weapon light.

    POTD: Strike Industries - P365 with ACRO

    You can find a direct link to Strike Industries here: https://www.strikeindustries.com

    Images by Strike Industries.