WTTA and MKS Supply Team Up to Support Mental Health

    WTTA and MKS Supply Team Up to Support Mental Health

    It can be quite a touchy subject, especially within the firearms world, but mental health is just as important to firearm owners as it should be to any other citizen of this country. That is why MKS Supply and Walk the Talk America (WTTA) have teamed up to encourage the firearm industry to support mental health education and assistance programs at the intersection where firearms and mental health meet.

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    WTTA and MKS Supply Team Up to Support Mental Health

    WTTA and MKS Supply Team Up to Support Mental Health

    Walk The Talk America (WTTA), a non-profit organization designed to bridge the gap between the firearms industry and owners and the mental health industry, welcomes the continued support of its corporate sponsor, MKS Supply. MKS Supply is the marketer and exclusive distributor for Barnaul Ammunition and well-known shooting brands Hi-Point Firearms, Inland Manufacturing, and Full Forge Gear. It supports WTTA’s efforts by donating financial resources and by placing a WTTA self-assessment card in every new Hi-Point firearm it ships. This helps expose hundreds of thousands of firearm buyers to be mindful and aware of their mental health and to take a free and anonymous screening.

    “We feel it is very important to support mental health awareness, not only in the firearms community but in every community. WTTA is the most focused organization to help accomplish that goal and we are proud to partner with them on that mission,” commented Charles Brown, president of MKS Supply.

    As a proud corporate sponsor, MKS Supply ships all Hi-Point firearms with a WTTA information card. In addition, the company continues to make donations in support of WTTA’s charity efforts, including a recent charity auction that included a Hi-Point C9 Pistol, a Hi-Point .45 carbine, and a Full Forge Gear double pistol bag and backpack.

    “We are so honored by the commitment that MKS Supply has made to the WTTA mission,” Michael Sodini, WTTA founder, said. “They were one of the first companies to start placing our self-assessment cards within their product boxes. As the sales and marketing branch of Barnaul Ammunition, Hi-Point, Inland Manufacturing, and Full Forge Gear, they have a large reach and have done a great job helping us to spread our very important message.”

    WTTA, the brainchild of Sodini, a firearms industry veteran, spearheaded a movement within the firearms industry to bridge the gap between mental health and responsible firearm ownership to reduce suicide by firearm and gun violence. Through educational programs, podcasts, and training programs, WTTA is paving the way for educating mental health professionals about gun culture and breaking down the negative stigmas around mental health for gun owners. Through its various programs and offerings, such as instructional flyers and slides for firearms instructors, classes in Cultural Competence, and Introductory Courses in The Intersection of Guns and Mental Health, WTTA is leading the conversation and opening doors throughout the firearms industry and mental health industry.

    For more information on how to become involved, visit WalkTheTalkAmerica.org. Take the WTTA Mental Health Screening Test. Following the screening, you will be provided with information, resources, and tools to help you understand and improve your mental health.

    WTTA and MKS Supply Team Up to Support Mental Health

    While this may not be a perfect method for filtering out potential risks associated with mental health and firearms ownership, at least an effort is being made to provide some way for people to better asses their personal condition before choosing to do anything rash with a firearm – the option is on the table. However, as always we’d like to hear your thoughts on this new program and partnership between MKS Supply and WTTA. Do you think the WTTA Mental Health Screening Test is effective or should there be other methods in place for firearm owners to asses their personal mental health as it relates to firearms ownership?

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