Redball Sports’ 20 Round Hi-Point Carbine Magazine

    Brace yourselves, Hi-Point Carbines are now high-capacity. Say what one will about the handguns, the Hi-Point carbine is, in my opinion, quite the handy little shooter. Yes, its highly stylized polymer shells are an interesting design choice, the carbines have a loyal fan” base and have been so successful, Hi-Point has moved to offering a .380 ACP version as well.

    Until recently, the carbines were always limited by the standard magazine capacity of the base pistol, which has been 10 rounds. While 10 rounds is “restricted state legal”, its an awfully small number for the carbine. Its far more fun to be pulling a trigger than constantly changing out magazines.


    In steps a small company out of Washington, Redball Sports which is now offering high-capacity versions of Hi-Point magazines. Their first offering is for 9mm, doubling the standard capacity to hold a total of 20 rounds.Basically, the magazine is coupled single-stack magazines with a plastic joint and bottom plate. The joining section in the middle incorporates the needed external geometry to ensure the magazine locks into place solidly in the grip eliminating excess wobble.

    The new magazines are “Hi-Point Approved” which I interpret to mean that Hi-Point finds the satisfactorily functional in their firearms. Retail is pegged at $24.99, keeping in-line with Hi-Points’ value. They are distributed through MKS Supply.



    Nathan S

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