POTD: Ballistic Breaching with Shotguns

Eric B
by Eric B

Do we show too few shotguns in our Photo Of The Days? Well, here’s one in the hands of Private First Class Ariana Rittenhouse, a combat engineer with the United States Marine Corps using an M1014 shotgun to breach a fabricated door on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, on July 23, 2022. This was a part of the ballistics breaching range.

Below: Ballistics breaching range during Summer Pioneer 22

The naval engineering exercise known as Summer Pioneer is a demonstration of integrated formations of the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy to create and maintain expeditionary advanced bases as well as maritime domain awareness.

The Benelli M1014 has both a pistol grip and a collapsible stock. It uses the piston-driven Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated system, called A.R.G.O.

Using the thumb as a trigger finger. What do you think of this tactic?

You can find the Benelli M4 tactical shotguns here: https://www.benelliusa.com/shotguns/m4-tactical-shotguns

Pictures by Cpl. Scott Jenkins

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Mystick Mystick on Jul 28, 2022

    I can just see those shotguns go flying from surprised hands using that... "technique".

  • Hoyden Hoyden on Jul 29, 2022

    Hey Sarge, I locked my keys in the house, what should I do?

    —-Hold mah beer Private.

    Hey Sarge, I locked your keys in your CAR….