POTD: Sniper Course at International Special Training Centre

    Special Operations Command Europe

    Photo Of The Day and while it’s not quite autumn yet, these images are a good reminder of what nature soon will look like. The location is Hohenfels, Germany, and we’re looking at snipers in the Basic Sniper Course at International Special Training Centre (ISTC). This course is one of many offered by the ISTC, which works to provide NATO members with better trained and prepared SOF operators.

    More information about ISTC can be found here: https://www.istc-sof.org/

    The ISTC Sniper Branch provides world class training opportunities for trained SOF snipers to hone their skills in a variety of environments through a host of realistic and dynamic scenarios.  Training is conducted in a professional atmosphere designed to maximize absorption of the technical, tactical, and logistical skills required to sharpen critical and creative thinking while engaged in enhancing individual and team sniper capabilities.

    -I’ve been here a really, really long time, things are beginning to grow on me.

    Concamo skills, without the Concamo. That’s two people, not one.

    Special Operations Command Europe: Sniper training at the International Special Training Centre

    Source: US Spec Ops Europe, the official U.S. Special Operations Command Europe Twitter page.