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Valiant Dynamics, a Michigan-based gun company, has designed a rather unique AR-15 stock dubbed EvolvR Combat Stock. This stock was designed to make shouldering a rifle while wearing an armor plate carrier more comfortable, stable and secure. This is achieved by the design of the octagonal buttpad which can be rotated around its axis and has an extension called Spur-Catch that hooks to the inside of the plate carrier shoulder straps.

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Spur-Catch extension is designed to prevent the weapon from slipping from the shooter’s shoulder. When shooting without a plate carrier, the Spur-Catch can be rotated outside. The rotating buttpad has 8 positions. The adjustment of the buttpad is done by pulling it out to disengage from the locking tabs, rotating it to the desired position and releasing it to lock it back at the selected orientation. The buttpad also has a deep tread texture to ensure firm retention in the shoulder.

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The EvolvR eliminates the need to modify or abandon important marksmanship fundamentals when wearing armor and tactical gear so the user can create a stable position and effectively manage recoil for rapid return to target and faster follow up shots.

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The EvolvR Combat Stock also features a smooth exterior which makes it snag-free when used with tactical gear. Sling attachment options on the EvolvR stock include a QD sling swivel socket at the bottom rear portion and sling slots on either side.

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The Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock is available for both mil-spec and commercial buffer tubes. The installation and LOP adjustments are similar to most of the other adjustable AR-15 stocks and are demonstrated in the below-embedded video.

The main body of the EvolvR Combat stock is made of a proprietary blend of injection molded nylon and fiberglass. The buttpad is made of rubber and the hardware is stainless steel. The EvolvR stock is currently offered in the following color options: Black, Dark Grey, FDE, Foliage Green, and OD Green.

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The Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $89.99. There is also a non-adjustable version of this stock called EvolvR CS Fixed available for the same price.

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