New Product Announcement: Blue Alpha Stock Sock

    Blue Alpha Stock Sock

    Sometimes you might not have time to grab your plate carrier, battle belt, day pack, signed James Reeves short shorts, etc. You’ll have what’s in your pockets and what’s strapped to your rifle. The new Blue Alpha Stock Sock gives you the ability to strap a couple of essential items to your rifle so they’ll be with you no matter what.

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    Blue Alpha Stock Sock

    According to the Blue Alpha Stock Sock listing:

    The Stock Sock is a utilitarian, extremely lightweight, and modular attachment that will allow you to turn your AR stock into an attachment platform for a variety of mission essential devices. When time doesn’t permit you to grab everything at least you grab your rifle…..and whatever it attached to it is what goes with you. Make sure you have what you need for the fight with the Stock Sock.
    The adage of “you fight with what you have” is the theme behind this product. Most homeowners don’t throw plates/battle belts and kit on in the middle of a home invasion, Individual Patrol Officers show up to calls with what they have and aren’t always able to wait for back up to assist
    The Stock Sock has the ability to carry multiple tourniquets, needle decomp, chem lights, wound packing material, or whatever else you want to keep on your stock. It can also be used to stow and manage a sling for storage or vehicular transport. How you set up and kit out your Stock Sock is up to you!
    The Stock Sock was developed in partnership with Sam Houston of Silent Solutions, Greenline Tactical, and Warrior Poet Society.
    Blue Alpha Stock Sock Blue Alpha Stock Sock

    Product Features:

    • Compatible with most common AR stocks
    • Modular mounting is user configurable
    • Includes extra bungee cord
    • Includes padded cheek rest
    • Window cuts allow for QD Sling attachments
    • Made of laser cut Squadron

    Blue Alpha Stock Sock

    The MSRP of Blue Alpha Stock Sock is $49.97 (currently discounted to $39.97).

    As you can see, the Blue Alpha Stock Sock could be a handy item to have in an emergency, it also looks pretty good in my opinion. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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