POTD: L3Harris ENVG-B Thermal Night Optics

Eric B
by Eric B

As part of TFB’s Photo Of The Day, we have today some 2BCT Thermal Night Optics on show. Here we have a Soldier from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, engaged in a night live-fire using the L3Harris ENVG-B at Range 22. The ENVG-B provides unique optic capabilities bridging thermal vision with night vision. Location: Fort Drum, NY, United States.

Below: A Soldier from across the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, prepares to use his L3Harris ENVG-B by putting his binoculars over his eyes while flanked by two instructors. The soldiers from 2BCT underwent a three-day training course. I really like the fusion technology used here, and hope to be able to evaluate some similar systems later this year.

Below: Using the capabilities of the L3Harris ENVG-B training at Range 22 in Fort Drum. The ENVG-B allows for both cool and warm color tint thermal visual settings for a viewer to look through.

Below: This is a photo of the optics that soldiers observe as they undergo the end of a three-day training course in the L3Harris ENVG-B. As can be seen from the photo, there is a compass and wireless capability connected to the ENVG-B optics.

Below: A soldier takes a standing unsupported stance and is able to view his targets illuminated with thermal vision using the L3Harris ENVG-B. Using thermal vision, the ENVG-B creates a silhouette of a target that is highly visible in binocular vision.

Did you ever try a similar system? What do you think about it?

Photos by Spc. Pierre Osias, 27th Public Affairs Detachment

Eric B
Eric B

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