Modernized Sten 2.0 by Dylan T.

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Remember that .22LR X95 conversion that Dylan made? Well, that is not the extent of his DIY skills. He made his own Modernized Sten 2.0. If you recall, I posted about a modernized Sten over three years ago. Funny enough, Dylan says that build inspired him to make one with his own twist.

Photo by Dylan T.

Dylan has actually built a Sten before but it left him desiring more. More gun and more challenge. You can see some progression above. After seeing the other modernized Sten, Dylan decided to tackle his own Modernized Sten 2.0.

It was a modern sten built with “modern” tools lol. I cad/cam a bunch of the parts. Then cnc cut them out

Look at his receiver tube below. Looks like the makings of a lightsaber.

Photo by Dylan T.

Below you can see the bolt handle and firing pin.

Photo by Dylan T.

Here is the bolt with his custom CNC bolt handle.

Probably the most intriguing feature of Dylan’s Modernized Sten 2.0 is he was able to use an AR-15 FCG in this Sten build.

He trimmed the trigger bow and hooked up a linkage to the Sten 2.0 trigger.

Here is a video he shared with me.

From the top photo, you can see he added a free-float handguard and Picatinny at the top as well as the back of the receiver for adding a brace or stock if he SBRs it. I like the resto-mod approach to his Sten 2.0. It has a Star Wars vibe to it, probably since the Sten looks similar to a Sterling. I am eager to see what else Dylan comes up with next.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Ron Martin Ron Martin on Apr 27, 2022

    Another just because you can does not mean you should

  • Ptrog Ptrog on Apr 27, 2022

    must be nice to have access to that kind of equipment. seems like thats the real key to getting your ideas in print, gotta have access to that fancy equipment.