Modernized Sten MKII DIY Build

    I am always in awe of people who have the skills to build their own firearms from scratch or a parts kit. Tube-based firearms like a Sten and Sterling are supposedly some of the easier firearms to make, at least so I have heard. I think the next step up is bending an MP5 flat into 9mm roller lock goodness. Foster Huntington shared his modernized Sten MKII build.

    Let’s Start At The Very Beginning, A Very Good Place To Start

    From what little I know about building these guns, which is not much, you start off with a tube of steel. Then you stick on a layout guide that shows you what areas need to be cut.

    Then you need to weld the tube to the lower receiver.

    Foster welded a Picatinny rail and a 3-lug adapter to the barrel.

    He added a small Picatinny rail to the back end of the Sten so he can attach an MPX/MCX stock when he files Form1. The pistol grip is mocked up with zip ties.

    Looks like he beveled the edges of the grip after he welded it to the back plate.

    Here is Foster’s modernized Sten MKII before the finishing touches.

    Foster wrapped the grip and added an SB Tactical FS1913 folding brace in the interim while waiting for his Form 1 to be approved.

    This Sten MKII pistol looks like a lot of fun and with the small additions of adding Picatinny rails to the top and back, it is a lot more practical. The folding brace and stocks for the MPX/MCX are some of the best things to come out for the firearm industry. They breathe a whole new life into firearms. Foster’s modernized Sten MKII looks like a lot of fun to shoot. I would like to see someone mass produce these and sell them for under $1,000. I think they would be very popular.

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