GBRS GROUP Night Vision [Enterprise] Mount

    GBRS GROUP Night Vision Enterprise Mount

    This photo has been circulating online a bit on Reddit and Facebook. It is an odd-shaped night vision mount made by GBRS GROUP. I have not been able to find a name so for now, I shall dub it the Enterprise Mount until an official name is made public.

    Tall NVG Mounts @TFB:

    There has been a subtle shift in how people are setting up their rifles and where they mount multi-function aiming lasers. Traditionally you put them out as far as possible so your support hand can activate them. Due to the low-profile design, you usually mount them in front of your support hand. That way there is clearance for the lasers to shine.  There are compromises made to accommodate the laser near the end of your handguard. This increases weight toward the front of the gun and some handguards are really short. Try mounting a PEQ-15 and a tape switch on an MCX Rattler.

    Another problem is that some handguards are not that rigid. An AR handguard is not the most rigid material. Often they can flex given enough force applied to the handguard thus throwing your laser zero off. Well, with the GBRS Group enterprise mount, the PEQ-15 is now on a rigid mount that is attached to the receiver. So no amount of pressure on the handguard will deflect the laser.

    GBRS GROUP Night Vision Enterprise Mount

    Photo by GBRS Group

    You can see how the NGAL laser in the photo above is elevated. This allows you to get a traditional c-clamp grip and run a tape switch at 12 o’clock. Your support hand will not get in the way of the laser.

    There has been a sort of DIY option if you flip a KAC Redback Skyscraper mount. See the photo below.

    Photo by Kristoffer D.

    The owner of the MCX below relocated his PEQ-15 because his carbon fiber handguard can flex and shift his laser zero.

    Photo by Chris L.

    The GBRS GROUP Enterprise mount is not out yet. Follow their Instagram for more information when it gets released.

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