[SHOT 2022] Unity Tactical Comp FAST Mount, Omni FAST FTC Mount And Others

    At this years’s SHOT Show Unity Tactical showed some of the new mounts coming our way. They recently came out with COG series and MRO FAST mounts well they are adding Aimpoint COMP FAST mounts to the repertoire. On top of that we are getting a universal Omni FAST FTC magnifier mount.

    Unity Tactical @ TFB

    The Unity Tactical COMP FAST mount will work for any of Aimpoint’s COMP series of optics. Below you can see the COMP FAST mount bolted to an Aimpoint COMP M4. The COMP FAST raises the COMP M4 to the same 2.26″ optic height that Unity Tactical has made popular fo right vision users. Before the only way to get a COMP styled optic high enough was to use their universal FAST riser.


    The COMP FAST mount even works with the COMP M3. You just need the right Comp M3 mount.

    The COMP FAST is cantilevered and positions the option a little bit forward to make room for a magnifier.

    The COMP FAST mount will retail around the same price s the MRO FAST Mount. Unity Tactical plans for a mid-April release.

    Coming a little sooner and I am sure highly anticipated in March will be their Omni FAST FTC Magnifier mount. This will fit magnifiers by Trijicon, Vortex, Eotech, and SIG Sauer. They all have magnifiers that share a similar foot print to the Eotech G33 but dimensionally they are different. They are often too wide. Even the Eotech G43 and G45 do not fit in the Unity Tactical G33 FAST FTC mount.

    Pricing for the Omni FAST FTC will be similar to the Eotech FAST FTC.

    Interestingly Unity Tactical is also releasing their own MLOK vertical fore grip. It will cost around $20 and is ejection molded polymer.

    For more information check out their website.

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