New ZEV Technologies Core Elite Bronze AR-15 Barrels

Luke C.
by Luke C.
New Core Elite Bronze Barrels Available Now From ZEV Technologies

Looking for something a bit more flashy for your next range toy? ZEV Technologies is excited to offer their latest series of rifle barrels with the new ZEV Core Elite Bronze match barrels. These new barrels will mostly feature mid-length gas systems and twist rates specifically designed for the caliber that you pick. Each of these new barrels is apparently capable of consistent sub-MOA accuracy with high-quality factory ammunition according to ZEV Tech.

ZEV Technologies @ TFB:

New Core Elite Barrels Available Now From ZEV Technologies

New ZEV Technologies Core Elite Bronze AR-15 Barrels

The new ZEV Technologies Core Elite barrels will be available in 3 different calibers with two barrel lengths being made available for the 5.56 NATO versions. Each of the barrels will share the same Bronze PVD coating and will all be made from 416R stainless steel. The .308 Win barrel will be available in a 16-inch barrel length configuration with a mid-length gas system, .750″ gas block journal diameter, and will feature a 1:10 twist rate which is suitable for a wider range of projectile weights.

New Core Elite Barrels Available Now From ZEV Technologies

The 5.56 NATO barrels will be available in either a 16-inch configuration with a 1:7 twist rate and a mid-length gas system, while the 10.5-inch configuration will feature a 1:7 twist with a carbine-length gas system. Finally, there will be a 300BLK version of the new Core Elite Barrel featuring a 1:7 twist rate, a pistol-length gas system, and a .750″ gas block journal diameter.

New Core Elite Barrels Available Now From ZEV Technologies

The ZEV Tech Core Elite Barrels will start at a price of $250 for both the 8.5″ 300BLK, and 10.5″ 5.56 NATO Barrels, while the 16″ 5.56 NATO barrel and the 16″ .308 Win barrels will retail for $300, and $325 respectively. Let us know what you think of these new bronze PVD-coated barrels down in the comments.

All Photos Credit ZEV Technologies

All Photos by ZEV Technologies

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  • SixFiveOutfitters SixFiveOutfitters on Apr 15, 2022

    I think certain Titanium Nitride processes give a yellowish color. Maybe that's what they're using?

    Anyway, yes, it's a gimmick. But a cool looking gimmick.

    Yeah, I know we're all tough guys that spray paint our guns in the hope we'll scratch 'em up so they look battle-worn and so we can prove how cool we are cuz we don't give a crap how our guns look, right? Guess what? That's a gimmick, too.

    Some people care way to much that other shooters aren't as cool as them cuz they like a different color.

  • Joshman Joshman on Apr 15, 2022

    Looks cool i guess for someone so long as it's a physical product