ZEV Technologies Introduces New Custom SIG Z320 Pistols

    ZEV Technologies introduces a new custom Sig offering, the Z320.

    ZEV Technologies introduces a new custom Sig offering, the Z320.

    By now, the ZEV Technologies brand is practically synonymous with high-end custom guns, especially Glocks. The Centralia, Washington-based company began in 2006 by offering competition-focused drop-in Glock replacement triggers. Over the last fourteen years, they have expanded their offerings to include a vast spectrum of premium upgrade parts for Glock handguns, some SIG parts, their own line of branded complete ARs, and complete “Gucci” Glocks. These high-end handguns typically feature significant slide work, grip module modification, swapped barrels, custom triggers, and more. For most of the company’s history, options for non-Glock fans have been limited. That’s all changing now, however, as they are now expanding to the SIG Sauer fanbase as well. Meet the Z320 XCarry and Z320 XCompact pistols, designed in collaboration with SIG themselves.


    The Z320 comes in XCarry and XCompact flavors.

    The Z320 comes in XCarry and XCompact flavors.

    Based on the SIG Sauer P320, these versions punch the price tag up to $1,299. For this amount, you get the following, as per the Z320 XCarry product page’s official description.

    The Z320 XCarry Octane gun-mod comes standard with an X series trigger, Octane Slide with RDS compatibility, PRO Barrel and Zev’s fiber optic Combat Sights. The Z320 utilizes our diamond pattern, laser cut grip module to keep your grip secure while still comfortable in hand. Designed in collaboration with Sig Sauer.


    • ZEV Z320 XCarry Octane Slide, RMR Optic Cut, Titanium Gray
    • ZEV Z320 XCarry PRO Barrel, Black DLC.
    • ZEV Fiber Optic Combat Sight Set
    • ZEV RMR Cover Plate
    • SIG Sauer P320 XCarry Grip with ZEV Diamond Pattern Laser Stipple
    • SIG Sauer P320 X Series Flat Face Trigger
    • Two 15 round SIG Sauer P320 Magazines”

    A look at the other side of each Z320 model.

    A look at the other side of each Z320 model. The XCompact version is the same as the XCarry, except for slightly differing sizing and a two-round difference in magazine capacity – 15 versus 17, as per their corresponding original SIG versions. Otherwise, ZEV has identically kitted and fitted these swanky SIGs. If you pick one up, please let us know in the comments how you like it. With the P320’s popularity, it will be no surprise if these enhanced versions end up selling quite nicely as well. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of ZEV Technologies.
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